Zerotie shoes tighten and loosen the laces without using your hands

Did you catch Howard’s post about the Kizik handsfree shoes last week? I was surprised when he posted it because I’d been sitting on a handsfree shoe post of my own for Zerotie Shoes. Like the shoes that Howard wrote about (and will be reviewing soon), the Zerotie shoes don’t require you to bend down to manually tie or untie the laces.

The shoes look like traditional sneakers and are available for men, women, and kids in a variety of styles and colors. But they differ from traditional shoes because they feature a unique wheel mechanism on the heel that tightens the laces when you roll back on the heel. Here’s a video that demonstrates how the Zerotie shoes work.

The concept is interesting to me but I’m not sure how robust it is and then there’s the question, what if you break a lace? Do your shoes become “broken” and unusable?

As mentioned, Zerotie shoes are available in different styles and colors and they are priced from $98.80 and up per pair. Visit for further details if you’re interested in checking them out.

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