Just say no to brown guacamole with Guac-Lock

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I love guacamole! Not that processed pre-made stuff, I’m talking about fresh, hand-made guacamole. The problem with fresh guac is that after a day or two it always gets that disgusting brown color. And none of those home remedies ever seems to work.

Guac-Lock to the rescue

The Guac-Lock is a shatter-proof, odor-proof guacamole container that uses an air-tight seal to help keep your guacamole fresher longer. (It’s also perfect for homemade salsa, hummus, etc.) A gentle push down on the container’s sides removes air and pushes the guacamole to the top. That means no more having to scrap the sides to get that last bit of guac goodness. The preservation container also doubles as a serving dish.
 Guac-Lock stores 12 to 24 oz. of guacamole and is dishwasher safe.

Watch the Guac-Lock in action:

$19.95 lets you enjoy fresh guacamole all summer long. Head over to The Grommet for more info or to purchase the Guac-Lock.

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  2. This reads like an advertisement. I can’t tell if you tried it and it worked, and if so, how long did it tend to extend the life of guacamole?

  3. I’ll bet you can use the vent as a dispensing nozzle. That would greatly reduce the oxygen exposure. I have done something similar using a turkey “flavor injector”. The limitation is that those injectors have very small volumes.

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