Turn any power cable into a MagSafe style cable

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Introduced in 2006, the MagSafe connector from Apple was a magnetic port on MacBooks that allowed the power cable to easily disconnect from the laptop in the event of someone tripping over it or accidentally tugging it, to prevent damage from pulling the laptop off a table. Apple in their infinite wisdom (or not), discontinued the MagSafe connector a couple years ago, but now you can get the same type of functionality for any cable using the Tug adapter from iLoveHandles.

Tug is a two-piece break away adapter. One part plugs into the wall outlet and the other end part attaches to the end of your power cord. Put them together and you have a MagSafe style connector that you can use for lamps, computers, vacuums, and more. You can buy one Tug for $19.95, or $49.95 for a pack of 3. Find out more at ilovehandles.com

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  2. This look like trouble waiting to happened. From the look of it, I have no knowledge of how this thing works nor have I seen it hand on, but from these two pictures, I assume there are three prongs and they look somewhat reversible and this would be where the troubles lie. First, the power outlet specification is not designed to be reversible. If you look closely at the outlet you would see two prong of similar size, but on careful look they are just similar but not identical size. And if you power line is wired correctly, the smaller one is hot, larger one is neutral and the semi-circular third prong is ground. Meaning you can’t just swap any of those pin as you wanted. While you may say, many of your equipment have only two prongs, and they can be plug in reversible. That is true, but that’s up to the device manufacturer or the power adapter which design their power input to be reversible. But can you imagine you have an equipment that’s power sensitive toward hot and neutral and use this little toy? I will speculate two more points, I can’t imagine this thing will make as a solid contact as normal outlet, meaning when electron flow, this thing is going to be very hot. And second is just a matter of preference I supposed, which is how do you want to damage your equipment? I mean this thing is designed for the power to be disconnect with little force, meaning what ever your equipment that you decided to plug it in, has to handle some power disruption pretty well. Think about a force enough to nudge/dislodge this gadget apart and back to normal? That kind of force would probably just move your equipment about an inch if plugin to a normal outlet. But for greater force, this probably will save your fragile equipment instead. And I say probably because it still won’t you save you equipment when you accidentally trip over the cord and drag the cord with you.

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