TYLT ENERGI 6K+ smart charger review

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Traveling with all your electronic gadgets can be a loathsome affair. Between packing chargers, charging cables and backup batteries, you may need an extra carry on bag just to tote them around. TYLT has come up with a good solution to this problem with their ENERGI 6K+ smart charger.

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As I noted above, the ENERGI 6K+ is a smart charger. What I did not note is that this smart charger also has a built-in Lightning cable and a 6,000 mAh backup battery so you can carry one device to replace three, a boon for road warriors.


The TYLT ENERGI 6K+ comes with the ENERGI 6K+ and a users guide. Being a new product on the market, I could not find a lot of specs and features for this product, but I will list what I have found starting with the features.

  • 6,000 mAh backup battery
  • Built in Lightning cable
  • USB port
  • Folding AC prongs for storage
  • LED indicator light

The following is a listing of specifications from the included users guide.

  • Battery cell: Li-ion polymer
  • Battery capacity: 6,000 mAh
  • Output voltage: 4.75 – 5.25V
  • Output current: 2.4A
  • Battery charge time: 7-8 hours
  • Dimensions 3″ X 3.35″ X 1.06″Weight 5.35 oz


The front of the ENERGI 6K+ has the TYLT logo on it, an LED light and the power button.


The back of the charger has a fold out two prong plug and the product information plate.


The bottom of the ENERGI 6K+ has the built-in Lightning charging cable and the USB port.


The top and left side of the ENERGI 6K+ have no real features, the right side is where the Lighting cable feeds into the charging unit.


The first thing I did after opening the ENERGI 6K+ was to charge the unit. Charging the unit was as simple as folding down the plug prongs and plugging it into the wall outlet. While charging the ENERGI 6K+, the LED light on the front will show you how far the unit is charged. Red is less than 30% charged, yellow is 30 – 80% charged and green is 80 to 100% charged.


Using the ENERGI 6K+ to charge my iPhone was as simple as plugging the Lighting cable into the iPhone. A nice added feature of this device is the fact that you can use it to charge other devices via the USB port. The user guide says that you can charge two devices at once. The information on the TYLT web page states that the charger will prioritize the charge to charge your plugged in device before it charges the TYLT battery. I ran test on how long it took to charge my iPhone and the results are as follows:

  • Charged my iPhone 6 from 4% to 100% in 2 hours and 11 minutes
  • Charged my iPhone for 64% to 100% in 1our and 16 minutes

So, what’s my bottom line here? I find the TYLT ENERGI 6K+ to be a great travel companion. The fact that I can carry one device to replace three is a bonus when I travel. The look and feel of the ENERGI 6K+ is solid, and the design is smart in its layout. Adding the USB port allows versatility in its use and optional international adaptors allow this product to be a useful world traveler. The soft touch covering comes in two colors, blue (not tested) and gray. At a list price of $79.99 on the TYLT web page, it may seem expensive, but with the built-in versatility, it may be worth the price.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by TYLT. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • Built in Lightning cable
  • Versatility
  • USB connector
  • Built in plug
  • None

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  2. Nice review. You added a tag Qi but did not mention this in the review. Can it be used to charge your cellphone using Qi?
    On the website of Tylt the also show a version with micro usb.

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