WooBots – transformable wooden robots that are sure to delight the kids in your family

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When I was a teen, I remember thinking how cool the Transformer toys were – you weren’t just getting one toy but two. Transforming plastic toys are still sold today, but many are rather disappointing because they are cheaply made. WooBots are an alternative to these. WooBots are wooden transformable robots that are assembled by hand to ensure that each of them moves and transforms well. They are about 13-15cm tall and made with 15-20 laser-cut wood blocks. There are five models that transform into robots. The JetFighter is the plane shown above which transforms into the robot shown next to it. There is also a Beetle (a VW Beetle), a Truck (tractor part of a tractor-trailer), a Warship (looks like a battleship), and an AutoBus (public transit type bus). The WooBots are available from their Kickstarter project page starting with a pledge of $25 + tax for one transforming robot. Expected delivery date is January 2016. The funding period will end by December 13, 2015.

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