BYB E-0454 LED lantern review

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BYB E-0454 lantern-02

I’ve got quite a few flashlights, but not so many lanterns.  Today we look at the BYBLight BYB E-0454 LED lantern which promises light weight, durable design, and high brightness.

When collapsed, the BYB E-0454 is about the size of a small oil filter.

From the Amazon page listing:

  • Military grade* exterior is water resistant for more practical use in a high range of environments
  • Built with advanced COB Ultra-Bright LED, Promising long-time durability and Super Bright
  • Compact and lightweight Lantern Flashlight, Collapsible, and make it easy to carry anywhere
  • Low power conservation, powered by 3x AA batteries, more than 12 hours lighting

*I could not find any military-grade testing standard cited anywhere in the description.  It is, however, rated at IP4 for water resistance.

BYB E-0454 lantern-03

The lantern extends to reveal the COB LEDs.  COB stands for “Chip on Board”, which gives the appearance of even, uninterrupted lighting.

BYB E-0454 lantern-04

The handles flip up to form a hook or carry handle.

BYB E-0454 lantern-05

The top is knurled.  It does not twist off.

BYB E-0454 lantern-06

Here’s a closer look at that COB LED array.  There are three sets providing 360-degree illumination.

BYB E-0454 lantern-07

BYB E-0454 lantern-08

The bottom unscrews.  The lantern requires 3 AA batteries.

BYB E-0454 lantern-12

The entire lantern weighs in just over 11 ounces, with batteries.

BYB E-0454 lantern-09

BYB E-0454 lantern-11

To turn the lantern on, simply extend the lantern body.  Careful!  It’s ridiculously bright.

BYB E-0454 lantern-10

You can “adjust” the amount of light by adjusting the pulled-out length of the lantern.  This is the lowest position before the lamp turns off.

To test this lantern, I went into our ground-level room at night.  Without the room lights on, you can still get some faint light from the backyard and from a night light under the bathroom door.  Here, you can see the what the room looks like with lights on, lights off, iPhone on the stand, BYB E-0454, and a small plug-in lamp with an 8W LED bulb.






I really like the BYB E-0454, except the light’s just a little TOO harsh on the eyes.  It needs a frosted lens of some kind to take the edge off.  It would also be nice if there was a tripod thread at the bottom, but for $13.99 (current price as of this writing) I can’t complain.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by BYBLight. Please visit BYBLight’s Amazon Storefront for more info.


Product Information

  • 3 "AA" batteries
  • Light weight, IP4 water resistant, COB LEDs are very bright.
  • "Military grade exterior" description has no standard given. Will hurt your eyes if you look at it.

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  2. Where’s the rest of the review? What’s the point of the room picture without showing what it looks like with the BYB lantern and the mentioned plug-in LED lamp?

  3. That’s odd. The final image is suppose to be a .gif image showing different test states. I’m not home right now to double check.

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  4. The LED array shown here, are those 10 LED lights on the strip? If yes, then there are a total of 20 lights for both side illumination, is that correct?

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