Hands-free isn’t just for calling, it’s for feeding babies too

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Moms and dads know that holding and feeding their baby is a two handed task… or at least it has been till now. The Beebo hands free bottle holder is an easy to use gadget that is like gaining a third hand. The Beebo is made from ‘baby safe’ materials that are free of BPA, lead and phalates. The holder balances comfortably over the shoulder and has been designed to fit just about any baby bottle. The holder rotates for the perfect angle and frees up one of your hands for other tasks like reading a book, typing, etc. Beebo is available in three colors and is priced at $39.95.

2 thoughts on “Hands-free isn’t just for calling, it’s for feeding babies too”

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  2. Hmmmm, I dunno this would be interesting to try, I got pretty good at feeding and working one handed. However it does look ridiculous.

  3. The image of the woman reading to her baby shows a mother engaging with her child. So the one-handed operation doesn’t take away from the care-giving time with the baby.

    But the man with his hand on the computer mouse shows a father with less than total attention on the baby. If this device is to allow parents to be less attentive to the child, it is not what feeding time is supposed to be.

    Multi-tasking at work is fine. Multi-tasking with feeding time is a shame.

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