STM Flip for iPhone 6 Plus review

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When we introduced you to the STM Flip for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we mentioned that it was like a Smart Case for your iPhone.  Of course, it can’t sleep/wake your iPhone, because they don’t have those functions, but it will provide extra protection for your phone’s screen while it’s in your pocket or bag.  There are a lot of folio-style cases for phones on the market, but the STM Flip is the first I’ve seen with little suction cups that will keep the cover more securely closed.  I was happy to be chosen to try out the STM Flip when RadTech, the STM distributor in the US, offered The Gadgeteer the chance to review one of these cases.


The Flip cases are available for both iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in your choice of black, charcoal, or red.  I received the iPhone 6 Plus case in red.  The case actually seems a bit more coral than red to me.

The exterior is a sueded microfiber fabric.  There’s a small cutout over the phone’s ear speaker, so you can make calls with the front flap closed.  The bottom right has an embossed STM logo; this is the only branding on the case.

The Flip Case for the iPhone 6 Plus measures 6.2″ X 3.0″ X 0.3″ and weighs 1.6 ounces.


The phone is held in a rubbery plastic snap-in case.  The inside front flap has two pockets to hold cards or cash.  I personally never carry my cards inside my phone case.  I’m too paranoid to trust that the cards won’t somehow fall out of the open sides of the case.  But they’re there if you need them.

You can see the two little black suction cups that hold the cover closed over the phone’s touchscreen.  You can actually hear a little clicking sound when the suction cups lock onto the screen, and you’ll hear a clicking sound when the cups pull free as you open the cover.


The front flap wraps around to the back of the case and is adhered to the back of the rubbery snap-in case.  You can also see that the back has an opening for the camera, flash, and back microphone.


A cutout leaves the power button open and ready for use.  You can also see that the suction cups prevent the front flap from laying completely flat against the touchscreen when the cover is closed.


I forgot to photograph the bottom of my iPhone 6 Plus in the STM Flip, so I borrowed an image from the RadTech site showing the bottom.  You can see that the headphone jack, Lightning connector, the bottom microphone, and the speaker grill are all uncovered and easily accessed.


With the front flap opened, you can see the cutout on the snap-in case for the mute slider and the volume buttons.  Of course, you can only use these with the case open, but the cutout leaves plenty of room for easy adjustments.

You can fold the front cover completely to the back for one-handed holding when making phone calls or interacting with the touchscreen.


Because of how the front flap is attached to the back, you can use the STM Flip as a horizontal stand.  I find the stand works well for watching videos or even interacting with the screen when you don’t want to hold the phone.  The little suction cups prevent the case from sliding too far and collapsing, too.


Here’s a side view of the stand in use.  You can adjust the angle a bit, and the friction of the rubbery case on the sueded microfiber keeps it in place pretty well.

I like the STM Flip case on my iPhone 6 Plus.  It’s not the red I expected, but it’s a nice orangey, coral color that’s very pleasing.  The sueded fabric feels good in the hand, and the phone is easy to hold when you flip the front cover all the way to the back.  I like how well the suction cups hold the cover in place over the touchscreen.  It doesn’t hold the cover completely flat to the screen because of the thickness of the suction cups, but it does offer a bit more protection to the screen.  I don’t need a stand for my phone very frequently, but the STM Flip works as a convenient, stable stand when I do need one.  At only $35, the STM Flip is a very attractive, protective, cost-effective case for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Source: The STM Flip for iPhone 6 Plus sample for this review was provided by RadTech.  Please visit their site for more information and to order.


Product Information

Manufacturer:STM Bags
Retailer:RadTech in the US
  • Protects the body and screen of the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Suction cups holds the front cover closed over the touchscreen
  • Works as a horizontal stand
  • Two pockets to hold ID or cards
  • None

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