Amazon gives unlimited photo storage to their Amazon Prime customers

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Amazon just announced a new perk for their Prime members – unlimited free storage of photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive.  You’ll be able to copy up all the photos from your computer and your mobile devices to one secure location and view them from all your devices.  Amazon’s world-class security and protection systems will keep your precious photos safe, even if you lose your computer or device.  You’ll be able to free up space on your phone by uploading all your photos and clearing them out of storage, but you’ll still be able to see all your photos on the phone whenever you want.  You’ll need an app on your mobile device, which can be set to automatically upload all pictures as you take them, and which will easily let you find any image you want because they’ll be arranged in a timeline layout.  (Access is built-in on your Amazon Fire tablets, Fire phone, and Fire TV.)  The Cloud Drive is connected to your account, and you’ll be able to log into it from any of your devices.   It’s free to all Prime members.  Go to Amazon and get started safeguarding your photos with Prime Photos.

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