If you have a MINI JAMBOX speaker, you’ll want to get this update


Jawbone has released an update for the MINI JAMBOX Bluetooth speaker that you’ll want to be sure to get if you own one of these little speakers.  With the Multi Play update, you’ll be able to connect two of them to the same audio source.  You’ll be able to use them in unison mode, where both speakers play the same music for double the volume.  You and the owner of the second speaker will be able to alternate songs played through them, in a DJ mode.  You can also set the two speakers into stereo mode, where each speaker will play one channel of the stereo mix.  Go to the Jawbone site and download the update from the MINI JAMBOX page to add a whole new dimension to your speaker.  If you don’t yet have a MINI JAMBOX, you can get one for $129 ($50 off the normal price) from Jawbone.

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  2. If they can do that with a firmware update, then all the other Bluetooth speaker companies should be able to do it. It will be interesting to watch.

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