AC charger and backup battery – two great tastes that taste great together


The Bolt Battery Charger combines the “world’s smallest portable iPhone USB wall charger” with a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, so you’ll be able to charge your phone whether you’re near a power outlet or not.  You won’t have to keep up with a special cable to recharge your backup battery, because the Bolt has prongs that fold down until you need them.  It’s only 2.75″ x 1.33″ x 1.10″, but it packs enough reserve power to recharge a phone twice.  It charges its own battery as it charges up your phone, so you’ll always have backup power even for your longest days.  It’s $59.99 at REIGN|23.

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  2. Each port provides a little over 2.1A under a load…consistently. The device is not small, but fits a power strip without infringing on the adjacent outlets. Runs remarkably cool, considering the power rating. The blue LED power indicator does not overwhelm and mostly only causes the case to glow a little. The blue colored case makes it easy to spot on a cluttered power strip,

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