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I don’t know what it’s been like for the past 5 months in your neck of the woods, but here in Southern Indiana, it’s been one of the worst and longest Winters ever. Spring officially started last week, but we’ve seen snow and sleet since then. But I think I can see a light (what is that big yellow orb in the sky???) at the end of the tunnel. Flowers are beginning to bloom, so Spring is here and it’s time we kicked Winter to the curb and celebrate the best way I know how with a gadget giveaway! It’s easy to enter, so pull off your mittens and click through!


1 winner will win 1 each of the following prizes – 4 prizes in total:

Neptor: NP056K Dual Port Portable Battery Charger
5600 MAH Dual Port Battery Charger powers two devices at once

  • In-meter battery shows power usage
  • Protection against over-charging for extended battery life
  • LED Flashlight included
  • Color matching cable and lanyard included
  • Comes in fun, bright colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, and Green

Price: $49.99
Website: www.neptor.com

Happy Plugs: Earbud Headphones
Statement earbuds add a splash of color to your everyday style

  • Comes in 13 colorful hues designed to elevate your style
  • Pick your favorite colors to coordinate with your wardrobe and mood
  • Works with all smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that have a standard headphone jack
  • Includes a built-in microphone for hands-free calls plus a remote for music control

Price: $24.99
Website: www.HappyPlugs.com

Bike2Power: BikeConsole PowerPlus Mount
A rechargeable waterproof and shock-protected mount for your smartphone (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, Galaxy S3 and S4)

  • Protects your device from any rough weather, falls or impacts incurred during a bike ride
  • Features a rechargeable battery that nearly doubles your battery life
  • Provide full access to the smartphone’s touch screen, fingerprint access for iPhone 5S, volume, camera, wake/sleep and home buttons
  • Features a 360° swivel design to rotate horizontally or vertically for optimal viewing of any cycling app, GPS instructions or music track selection
  • The iPhone version uses Apple Lightning Connector for 100% compatibility
  • Can be mounted to any type of slender bar such as on a bicycle, stroller, scooter or other similar devices

Price: $69.95 – $89.95
Website: www.Bike2Power.com

Wicked Audio: Jaw Breakers
Candy-colored, noise isolating earbuds add flare to your listening experience

  • Fashion-forward earbuds offer fun color choices to complement everyone’s style
  • Available in 4 bold colors: Green, Black, Pink and White
  • Innovative buds with noise isolation feature to produce superb sound quality
  • Gold-plated connector and lengthy cord add to the high-quality design
  • 10 mm Driver, 20-20,000 Hz Frequency, 1.2 Meter Cord

Price: $17.99
Website: www.wickedheadphones.com

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 03/31/2014 11:59PM EST leave a comment on this page telling us what gadgets, apps, etc that you use to listen to music on a regular basis. For example, I listen to music to and from work through my MINI Cooper and Sirius XM Radio.

Get a 2nd bonus entry by tweeting:
Celebrate Spring with a gadget giveaway from @thegadgeteer http://wp.me/p3LRkH-Ejr

Make sure you come back and leave a 2nd comment with a link to your tweet.

2. At some point on 04/01/2014, I’ll pick 1 random winner using random.org. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prizes. If I do not receive an answer to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other random.org drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers, family members and close friends may not enter this contest.

3. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

4. Winner must have a US shipping address.


The winner is #111 Dawn. Congrats to Dawn and thanks to everyone who entered. Also thanks to the sponsors of this contest!

The winner is #66 Craig Huang. Congrats to Craig.

The winner is #11 Keith. Congrats to Keith.

The contest is now closed.

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  2. I listen to my music thorough my Alpine CDE-HD148BT receiver using my iPhone 5 connected to the USB port, which I love. Sometimes I’ll play Pandora through there too. I like using lossless files however.

    The head unit is connected to the Alpine KTP-445A Power Pack and Kicker speakers with a JL Audio Ported Bass Wedge (CP110-W0v3) powered by a JL Audio JX250/1 amplifier. Some Dynamat and this sounds amazing in the old Explorer.

  3. On a daily basis, I typically listen to either the radio through my Mazda3 with Bose Stereo System or I’ll use iHeartRadio on my phone. I do have a Pandora alarm daily though.

  4. I’m still using my 2nd Generation iTouch, through the aux input on my Pioneer head unit while traveling. Otherwise it’s piped through Sony DR-BT21G bluetooth phones

  5. At home, I listen to music streaming from my phone, Xperia Z Ultra, to my Bluetooth speaker, the Kiler Concepts Rocksteady speaker.
    In my car, I just listen through the car speakers … just the standard car stereo speakers.

  6. I listen to my music in my work van on my android device and in my personal car through the ipod adapter and at home we stream it through our iPad to a wireless speaker.

  7. I use a Sandisk Sansa Clip (original, Clip Zip or Clip Zip +) tied to a pair of Klipsch x10’s as my primary music transport system. 😀

  8. I listen to my iPhone 5 whenever I can. When driving though, listen to my SD card of music through the (horrible) My Ford Sync system in my car.

  9. I alternate obsolescent iPod Touches (the batteries die after a couple of hours), listening mainly to Pandora and Spotify.

  10. Listen to tunes and news on the way in and on the way home in the car – whatever station hits a chord. Work = Pandora on a custom station with a variety to match the tempo of the day.

  11. While running, I either use my RunPhones (with iPod Shuffle), or a visor with Shuffle attached, and earbud headphones.

  12. Pandora or Spotify … streaming from iPhone/iPad on Outdoor Tech’s Turtle Shell (outdoors) or Buckshot Boom (on the fixie) or Bose Quiet Comfort on the road … via Muse on the rMBP in the office to Bose Wave III via Bluetooth Adapter.

  13. I still use my old PSP to listen to podcasts to and from work, even though I have a Nexus 7 & LG G2, because it is the only thing I can control remotely on my bicycle…. so far.

  14. My music and radio source is the HTC Butterfly S listening through Bluetooth in my BMW 328i or at home through a black Jawbone Mini Jambox. bj

  15. Sirius XM Radio in the truck to my Sony MP3 player on a Sony dock with speakers, and then some live Pink Floyd and a beer to unwind.

  16. Terrestrial radio for NPR, Sirius XM for music, my iPhone 4S for personal music/Pandora/Spotify – all through my Subaru Legacy’s sound system.

  17. I listen to Sirius XM in our car, and through my iPhone 5s on a regular basis. I’ve always used traditional cheaper headphones, but recently purchased a pair of Skullcandy Supreme Sound Navigator headphones on clearance at Target, and they are fantastic, especially for $35.

  18. I’m moving because I need a handicap accessible home. I’ve had wood floors for 20 years. I live on SSDI. I had a birth defect, but I still worked since I was 15. I taught 23 years. My lower back has grown together. On days I can I clean. I’m going to have to have a lightweight vacuum cleaner, but I have a mix breed that’s like a Shetland pony. He sheds. 24/7! I love him so much. I hate to make him live outside. It gets so cold and hot here in AR. Plus he is my friend. I’d sing its praises (and yours) to all my Facebook friends. I really need it, but I can’t afford it. Moving is expensive and nothing is really done. I can’t stay up long. I do a little and back to bed. I’m just going to get worse, but prayer and love of my family has kept me going. I can’t imagine a better thing to happen except if the pain would go away. They have me on a cancer drug but I don’t know why. My 76 year old mother and my 30 year old daughter will share it. It will be used and loved even after I’m gone. I would truly be so excited to get the vacuum. I don’t even have to have all the goodies- I’d be thrilled for this one thing…honest! Thank you for having this contest- just to have a chance is making me happy! Thank You!

  19. I’m torn between my love for using my Cowan x7 while driving and a mix of my Nexus 7 gen2 / Galaxy S4…have poweramp installed on both. Haven’t found a cloud solution that really moves me or doesn’t get boring. I LOVE my music collection.

  20. I listen to spotify and pandora on my iPhone 5 everywhere I go. At the gym, in the car and at work. I couldn’t live without music!

  21. itunes on a laptop connected to my stereo and remote controlled from an IPAD.
    podcasts on USB in the car.

  22. I use my iPhone 5 to stream iTunes radio, or listen to music I downloaded or stream AOL Radio using my old Logitech surround speakers at my desk. Sometimes, I’ll use my Sony noise canceling headphones.

    I also use my Nexus 7 (2013) to listen to Google Play All Access or my Youtube video playlist.

    I use the Nexus primarily in car 1 via wireless bluetooth Miccus Mini-Jack Rx through the car’s Harmon Kardon speakers and my LG G2 as a hotspot.
    I also use my Apple iPhone 5 when driving car 2 through Bose speakers.

  23. I listen to music on my iPod touch in the car joined to my Kenwood car radio by iPod ready and at work I listen to it too or playlists on Youtube.

  24. I use a sennheiser PX 200 II for listening to music from my 8 GB ipod nano touch whenever I travel without company on the metro bus 2 times daily on all weekdays.

  25. SiriusXM in the car, SiriusXM app through Jabra bluetooth earpiece at work, Spotify through home theater or Bose Soundlink at home.

  26. I listen to music on my ipod, my phone, my pc, and my car stereo. My phone is actually better than my ipod since my poor ipod is one of the originals! But it still works!

  27. On a daily basis I use a male to male 3.5 jack to plug my S$ into my truck and I subscribe to RDIO for $9 bucks a month. So far so good.

  28. I listen to music from Pandora on my Android smartphone, often in my car with an FM transmitter. Some day I’ll get a new enough car that has an aux jack built in!

  29. I listen to music on my Samsung phone when mowing the lawn. I also like streaming the local rock station to my Jam wireless speaker.

  30. I listen on my cell phone to iHeart radio when I travel. That way I still get to listen to my favorite channel anywhere.

  31. I mostly listen to music/podcasts in my Mazda3 via the USB AUX input. During the workday I use a Zune HD 64 on shuffle. (Yeah I know … but it still works great.) No commercials either way.

  32. I usually listen to Sirius XM in my GTI going to work, but I like to get my own playlists going on my iPhone or iPod on the way home.

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