Drive manual better: the PhotoJojo dSLR Focus Shifter!

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I love my 17-40 f/4 L Canon wide zoom.  Last year it grabbed me some tasty shots of storms and the aurora borealis!  Storms aren’t that hard to shoot… until you hit low light, then the camera struggles to find that autofocus point.  Same goes for the aurora.  So you flip the switch and enter manual mode.  What now?  Well, lenses have a rough guide for manual focus, but the manual focus point changes when you change the focal length of your lens.  Not fun to fiddle with when you have such a small scale and constantly have to peek at the top of the lens from a less-than-ideal position.  Well, the folks at PhotoJojo have given us the Focus Shifter, a new way to do manual focus.  It’s like a manual shift lever in your car with a dry-erase surface where you can make whatever markings you want.  Shooting auroras at 17mm?  In the daytime, set the camera to autofocus, and get the infinity focus you want and then mark it on the device, which clamps onto the manual focus ring of your lens.  Doing macro shots and want to get the same focus point every time, or just want finer control over your manual focus than grabbing and twisting the ring can get you?  Just nudge the Focus Shifter’s handle to where you want the manual focus point to be.  Comes with clips to allow you to come to a hard stop so you can hit that proper focus point, even in the dark!  Also comes with a storage bag.  Available now from PhotoJojo for $49.

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