REAL piano sound for your mini Mozart


Do you remember that toy piano you used to play when you were five years old?  It might have looked like the real thing (except for the color), but the sound completely missed the mark. Korg has updated this toy favorite with REAL piano sound in its new product, the tinyPIANO. This 25-note (2 octave) miniature upright digital toy piano reproduces the tone quality of a sampled grand piano. It is made of wood which makes it sturdy and has minimal moving parts to ensure safety. Additionally, for all you parents out there concerned about a never-ending cacophonous blast of “music”, the volume has been adjusted to a modest level appropriate for you and your child, and the piano allows the use of headphones (although the output is monaural). It has 50 recorded demo songs and 25 built-in sounds like electric piano, organ, marimba and steel drum as well as the toy piano sound, just in case you’re the nostalgic type. It measures approximately 15 x 10 x 11 inches and weighs about 10 pounds. The piano runs on six AA batteries which allows you to set it up anywhere, but an AC adapter is also available as an optional feature. It comes in four colors (black, white, red and pink) and is available for $250 as a pre-order through Kraft Music online or Amazon for $239.28 plus about $100 shipping to receive it from Japan.

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