Come to the Dark Side. We have cold beverages.


Actually, both sides can have cold beverages with this ice tray sets from Convenient Gadgets & Gifts.  For $17.95, you’ll get a set of two silicone Star Wars Ice Cube Trays.  Each tray makes different numbers and sizes of cubes, depending on the design.  There are six sets to choose from.  The first set has Darth Vader (6 cubes) and the Death Star (1); the second set is Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper (6 cubes of each design); the third set is Han Solo (7) and the Millennium Falcon (2); the fourth set is Han Solo (7) and R2-D2 (5); the fifth set is R2-D2 (5) and X-Wing Fighters (6); and the last set is the Death Star(1) and X-Wing Fighters (6).

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