Ten One Design’s Pogo Connect stylus now has interchangeable tips

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Earlier this summer I posted a review of Ten One Design’s Pogo Connect stylus. This isn’t an ordinary stylus. It’s a battery powered, Bluetooth enabled stylus that pairs with certain iOS devices and provides varying line widths depending on the pressure exerted on the tip. Unlike the vast majority of capacitive styluses on the market, the tips on the Pogo Connect are interchangeable. Ten One is now offering 4 new magnetic tips that will enable you to use more easily use the stylus for painting, drawing and writing. Each tip is sold separately through the Ten One Design site for $9.95 – $24.95 for a pack of two (the brush style tips are packaged together so you get one of each).

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4 thoughts on “Ten One Design’s Pogo Connect stylus now has interchangeable tips”

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  2. there was an iOS app-update yesterday to take advantage of the new swappable tips… curious if the smaller nibs will be able to track a finer line as advertised.

  3. Unfortunately there is a certain firmware required for the tips to work. I have an earlier version of the pen. I have emailed them as they posted this under their FAQ:

    “Early adopters and #BlueTiger preorder holders are like rock stars for us. If you’d like to use the R1 tip, but you have a pen with older firmware, email us at [email protected].”

    I’ll let you know if I hear anything about updating firmware or a trade-in program if they get back to me.

  4. Well that was fast. Ten One Design got back to me with a very reasonable offer for upgrading and getting new tips for the Pogo Connect. It involves a coupon code so you should email them for it (if still available) I won’t disclose the terms, (since it isn’t advertised on the site) but I thought it was more than reasonable. Even includes a new tip. Feel very good about the company after such a quick and gracious response.

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