Ten One Design Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 stylus review

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If you enjoy drawing, doodling and even writing with a stylus on your iPad, you will be interested in learning more about the Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 stylus from Ten One Design. The Pogo Connect is a capacitive stylus with super powers. When used with a certain selection of drawing and note taking apps, line widths will reflect the pressure put on the tip, making writing and drawing feel more natural. Let me show you.

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The Pogo Connect looks like an ordinary stylus, but inside it is a Crescendo sensor that can detect 100’s of pressure levels as you press the tip against your iPad’s display.

What exactly does a Crescendo Sensor do?
Some sensors use piezo-electric discs. Others use deformable resistive materials. Still other use resonating electrical circuits and moving ferrous materials.

Our sensor is fundamentally different from all of those. It uses a very new idea to detect pressure, and has no moving parts. We think it’s hot stuff, but not because it’s new. It’s hot stuff because it works better than those other technologies.


The stylus has a brushed aluminum body with the capacitive tip on one end, a power/connect button on the barrel and a screw off cap on the opposite end.


It takes one AAA battery (which is included) to power the stylus for months.


One cool feature that I’ve not seen with other styluses is the design of the tip.  Although the tip feels similar to other capacitive stylus tips, it is magnetic, which means it’s both replaceable and upgradable. The upgradeable part intrigues me, but so far there’s no info on that.


Using this stylus requires a 3rd or 4th generation iPad. I thought I was sent a bad stylus because it wouldn’t work. We finally figured out that the reason was because I was trying to use it with my iPad mini. Once I switched over to a 3rd gen iPad, it worked fine. Just something to keep in mind if the iPad mini is your primary tablet.

See it in action

The Ten One Design Pogo Connect stylus is more fun to use than a standard stylus, but since the pressure sensitivity and palm rejection features aren’t available in all apps or with Android devices, it seems like a niche product with a narrow scope. I am impressed with what I’ve seen though and look forward to what’s in store for this product and other pressure sensitive styluses in the near future.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Ten One Design
  • iPad (3rd generation) and iPad (4th generation)
  • Pressure on tip creates thin and thick lines in compatible apps
  • Palm rejection in compatible apps
  • Current version does not work with iPad mini, older iPad versions or Android devices
  • Only compatible with certain drawing / notetaking apps

6 thoughts on “Ten One Design Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 stylus review”

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  2. Julie, were you finally sent a stylus that works consistently? I’m still having issues with mine where I will lose bluetooth connection while i’m drawing or taking notes. The other problem is if the stylus has been “sleeping” I will be forced to pull/re-insert the battery to wake up the stylus again.
    I primarily use it with “Paper”-app and when the stylus is working, it’s awesome… problem is, I never know when it will lose its connection 🙁

    1. @anson Yes, the 3rd one that I was sent works consistently IF I use it with my 3rd gen iPad. It barely works with the iPad mini though… Send me an email and I’ll give you their product guy’s email address. Maybe they can get you a replacement.

  3. @ Julie- i contacted them this past Friday and explained to them the issues that I was experiencing… And by Monday, they already had a new one sent out via FedEx! I was *shocked* that the new stylus was in my hot little hands the following day in Toronto, Canada!!!

    Now That’s how all businesses should conduct their customer service.

    I will put the new stylus thru the paces for the remainder of the week and give you an update. Hopefully 2nd-times a charm 🙂

    1. @anson that’s very good news! I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about it. What iPad version are you using and what apps?

  4. IPad3 (with retina). I bought this stylus (instead of the digital Adonit) knowing that it had out-of-the-box compatibility with “paper” app and palm-rejection. However- with the connectivity issues i was having, the previous results were less than stellar. I will let you know if this new one I received gets a passing grade 😉

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