Keep your dog hydrated when you travel

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We always take our dog, Teddy, along when we travel.  He’s an anxious little guy, and his car seat is next to a window (won’t fit anywhere else in the car) so he’s always in the sun.  Those two things, combined with his heavy coat, keep him a little overheated as we ride along.  We stop and offer him water periodically, but he could get his own whenever he wanted it with a To Go Bowl in the car.  This kit consists of two bowls: a water bowl with a splash-preventing rim and a bottom bowl for snacks or a small portion of food.  Snapped together, the small bowl fits into a standard or XL car cup holder so your pet can have water any time.  Snap them apart, and the water bowl sits on a flat surface, so it’s great to use in the hotel room once you reach your destination.  The To Go Bowl is available in blue, red, or silver for $19.95 from Pet Travel Center.

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  2. We also take our dog along on all of our trips. Because we love walking and hiking, we use something like this:

    We bought it locally for EUR 3,- (about $4) and it works like a charm. It’s also quite smaller so easier to carry (in a backpack) than a bowl.

    When traveling greater distances by car, we always take a break every 3-4 hours. Not just for the dog but also for ourselves.

  3. Might I inquire as to what kind of dog seat you are using? I have a medium sized dog (about 30 pounds) and I haven’t been able to find anything that I consider “safe.” She has a crate, which she tends to slide around in and a seatbelt harness, which still allows her to fall off the back seat.

  4. Janet Cloninger

    @Bob Is your dog a black-and-tan shiba inu? I have a red shiba, but he was the runt of the litter, so he’s only about 16 pounds. We use a seat like this one from PetSmart. We have a short seat belt leash that we clip to the car’s seat belt, and this lifts him high enough he can see out the window. You can see him relaxing in his seat in the last picture of the MobiPetTags review.

  5. Robert van Weersch

    We use an adjustable harness which attaches to the seat belt. We don’t use a specific dog seat because our dog always sleeps while traveling by car, so we use his normal dog basket/pillow in which he also sleeps at home, so he is used to this. Because it is made of fabric, just like the back seats, it doesn’t slide. The harness itself is quite safe, one can even left the dog by it.

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  7. @Janet, my baby was the runt of the litter too, She was really small until we had her spayed, then things changed….

    I took a look at the link you mentioned. I hope Teddy is doing well.

  8. Janet Cloninger

    @Bob We had Teddy neutered at 6 months, and he hasn’t gotten any bigger since then.

    We almost lost Teddy at the time of that MobiPetTags review. One set of vet specialists told us we just needed to make an appointment to have him put down, but we decided to take him to the teaching vet hospital at NC State University before giving up. During a 7-hour surgery, the surgeons at NC State removed the weak thoracic duct that was leaking chyle into Teddy’s chest, and he’s been perfect ever since then. Best thing we ever did. And who says money can’t buy love!?

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