Adidas Springblade Running Shoes review

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My daily geek uniform includes a pair of sneakers, tennis shoes, athletic shoes, kicks or whatever other name you might call them. I own more pairs of sneakers than “grown up” shoes and am picky when it comes to their style and comfort. A month or so ago when I saw the news about the new Springblade running shoes from Adidas I knew I wanted to try them. My first thought upon seeing them was of the special running blades that amputee athletes sometimes use. Dave Rees is The Gadgeteer’s resident runner, so I asked him what he thought about the Springblades. He expressed interest too, so I contacted Adidas to see if they would be interested in a review from both a runner’s and a non-runner’s point of view. They liked the idea and provided a pair of the shoes to each of us. We’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks, so here we go with our dual review.

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Julie’s comments are in black and Dave’s are in blue.

Julie: In case you didn’t figure it out, I’m not a runner. I actually tried to start running specifically for this review, but my bad knee (old geek war injury from high school) would not allow it. I do walk several miles a day, so I thought I’d be able to offer my experience wearing these shoes as normal every day wear.

Dave: I am a diehard runner from way back in the day. I have pounded out tens of thousands of miles over the past three and a half decades. I may have slowed down over the years, but I still enjoy getting out there and stretching my legs. I run about twenty miles per week and firmly believe my longevity is due to wearing good shoes and switching them out before they wear out. The Adidas Springblades without a doubt caught my eye when Julie and I first discussed them. So when Julie told me we were both receiving a pair for a joint review, I was definitely excited to try Adidas’ high-tech flagship running shoes.


Julie: There’s no denying that these shoes look unique. Of course the pink pair with orange laces that were sent to me are hard not to notice. My friend at work calls them my pink shark shoes. 😉 I’ve had total strangers make comments about them too.


Dave: I received a black trimmed, bright orange pair of the Springblades that are nearly as shocking to the eyes as Julie’s pink ones. The orange ones have a bit of pink to them and I too have gotten a bit of flak from those in my office for how bold these shoes appear.

Julie: The Springblades are available in 4 colors for men, 3 for women and 2 for children. Sizes are as follows:

Women’s sizes 5-12
Men’s sizes 6.5 – 15
Children’s sizes 4-6

I was sent women’s size 10 and found the fit to be true to size with just a slight slip of the heel if I happen to wear thin socks or don’t tie the laces tightly enough. All in all the fit is fine though.

Dave: I have a long, narrow foot that is sometimes difficult to fit. Depending on the manufacturer, I use between a size 12 and 13. I asked for and was sent a men’s size 13 that fits very nicely, snuggly around the top of my foot with plenty of room for my long toes.


Julie: The first thing I noticed about the shoes other than the blade design is how light weight they are. That’s probably not surprising though considering they are a running shoe.

Dave: The past few years, I have gone away from the classic running shoes for the more minimalistic style/form. I have become very use to their extreme lightweight but during most of my long runs wish for a thicker base to lessen the pounding my feet take. Even if I am using my best front third of my foot running form, the longer distances still wears me down. That said, the Springblades are surprisingly lightweight. They combine the lightness of a minimalistic shoe with a solid base that has a good amount of bounce to it.



Julie: The area over the top of the foot, part of the sides and the tongue of the shoes is made of a mesh material that is slightly stretchy and allows air to flow through for great ventilation.

Dave: The uppers are comfortable and do not rub when cinched up tightly. They are bright and eye catching, enabling vehicle drivers to hopefully see you better. The Adidas lines on the shoes sides are reflective.


Julie: The insole is removable, so you could replace it with another brand if you prefer something with a bit more cushion.


Julie: Of course the main feature of the Springblade shoes are the 16 individually tuned high-tech polymer blades. They look like they would feel strange to walk on, but they really don’t feel any different than normal soled shoes. For a walker, the blades do not really offer a spring to your step or any sort of bouncing action. At least not that I have noticed while wearing them for the past couple of weeks.

Dave: I am an old school purest and only use my running shoes for running. I am very pleased with the feel the blades give. It is actually a little difficult to explain; the tuned blades give a firm, stable platform with just the right amount of spring and give when running. They have not rolled on me and have good lateral stability.


Julie: I was concerned with how the shoes would be for everyday wear in different situations like going up and down stairs, walking in gravel, on carpet or on a hard surface. I’m happy to report that the shoes were comfortable to wear in all those situations. The edges of the blades did not cause issues walking up and down stairs. And the spaces between the blades did not cause any issues with small rocks when walking up and down my gravel driveway.

springbladebleedingDave: The only issue I have had with the shoes is that the blades have actually cut me. During one of my runs, I had to quickly move to avoid something in my way and my left shoe ca-thunked my right ankle. The impact hurt a little but no more than any other time it has happened in other shoes. But when I got home I discovered I was bleeding and the blade had definitely nicked my ankle. The cut was superficial and quickly healed but I would definitely choose to not do that again. I know it’s minor and am not whining just thought I should mention it.

Julie: Ouch! I actually saw another review of the Springblades where the reviewer mentioned the exact same thing happening to him.

There are really only a few small issues that I have noticed with these shoes. First of all, they make a noticeable clomping noise when you walk on a hard surface like a tiled floor. You definitely could not be ninja quiet in these shoes. Another issue I noticed is that they don’t offer a lot of grip if you walk on a greasy or slippery surface. My day job is at Cummins Inc. We manufacture diesel engines. Some of the places where I walk have greasy floors due to oil. I didn’t feel 100% secure walking through those areas in these shoes as my feet slid a little bit here and there. I was no where near falling or anything like that, but it’s something to be aware of if you plan to use these shoes for everyday wear. The last issue I noticed was that the edge of the last blade in the heel will catch on the floor mats in my car. It doesn’t happen every time, but when move my foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal the shoe would grab at the mat’s edge. Again, not a huge deal, but these 3 little problems might make you reconsider using them as every-day shoes.

Dave: From a runner’s straight line motion standpoint, the blade design works very well. As I stated early in the review, the base of the Springblade is ideal for my running style and body/foot type. I have had no issues with the shoes I received. Their quality and feel are what I would consider a high end running shoe should be.

Julie: The actual treads of the shoe are not very thick. It makes me wonder how quickly they will wear out for hardcore runners and walkers alike. What do you think Dave? Do runners have to buy shoes more often than walkers when it comes to tread wear?


Dave: That is a good question. I was wondering the same thing. Although I see the actual base as relatively tall, it is the thickness and rigidity of the blades I wonder about. How long before they lose their springiness is the question I have. I typically get 300-500 miles out of a $100+ pair of running shoes before I retire them to walking or yard work. Being $180, I would hope and expect to get at least 4-500 miles out of them before the blades lose their form.

Dave: I really like the Springblades and will definitely use them this running season and for walking after that. They are a great pair of high-tech, upper end running shoes. Their form, comfort, and run-ability are what I would expect from a expensive pair of specialized shoes, but they need to be considering their $180 price tag.

Julie: The Adidas Springblades are well made, uniquely designed and comfortable for everyday wear. I’ve worn them while walking a few miles on a flat surface, while walking around a couple hours browsing a farmer’s market and for a couple of weeks doing normal day-to-day activities. I never noticed my feet hurting or becoming sore due to the shoes and they never felt awkward or strange to walk in. That said, I think these shoes are probably better suited for their intended purpose, which is running. But if you want to get noticed wherever you go, grab a pair and get moving.


Product Information

Price:$180 ($140 for children's sizes)
  • Unique
  • Well made
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent fit
  • Lightweight
  • Stable, firm base w/a bit of spring
  • Makes noise on hard surfaces
  • Polymer blades can cut skin

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  2. Excellent 2-pronged review. Those little feet and angled clear legs remind me of how shrimp and other crustaceans propel themselves under water. Perhaps that was the design inspiration?
    @Julie – I have been called on many occasions “a squeaky ninja” when I walk no matter what shoes I wear in the office, so I don’t think the springbaldes will help my case as everyday wear 🙁

    1. @Pat I mentioned this as something I had been worried about before receiving the shoes. My worry was unfounded though. I had no problems walking up and down stairs while wearing the shoes. I didn’t do any running though.


  4. Shoes didn’t work for running for me. I got pretty bad blisters on my second run with these. I don’t recommend these and stick with a brand like Brooks.

  5. I just bought these – got some bruises in front toe – the look of the shoe is great, stability is ok comfort is ok – however i prefer the Nike Air – the look is more boring but comfort and stability is much better.

  6. I just jogged in my blades for the first time today. Had no issues, the spring is in the steps. And it’s not just my imagination cuz I’m overweight, but still felt some propulsion lol.

  7. I bought a pair of the SpringBlades a week ago…AND LOVE THEM. I spent 20 years in the Air Force – hating running! I have bad knees/joints and shin splints. Basically, it used to hurt for days, after every run. I have ran every day, for the past 6 days, with NO PAIN. I take the dogs on long walks in them, and also run the dogs in them.

  8. I have bought two pair of the Spring Blades…. They are very comfortable walking and running in them…. I was an advide Brooks … But I have found a new shoe … The Sping Blade are awesome … But I agree … They are very sharp and will cut you if you not watching

  9. Looking for a review from runners putting in 60-80 miles per week. Also what type of drop this shoe has, weight and stack height.

  10. Very bad customer support. They are selling Adidas spring blades in Peru, but you can not buy or order numbers bigger than US 12. So if you have 2m tall, then you can not buy it in the store, and that is ok. But via internet, and via their internet store, this I can not understand. They asumed that in Peru nobody using/vearing number 13.
    Customer support is less than 0.

  11. Very curious to hear about the tread, now that it’s been a few months. Dave especially, did it last as much as you thought $180 pair of running shoe’s tread should last? Any other issues from either of you, now that some time has passed.
    Curious in Florida

  12. Hi, I’m also interested in these running shoes!!! At my peak, I was running 6-8 miles 3x/week, and I intend on trying to get back into that routine, but I have some questions about these running sneakers:

    1) Are these spring blades well made, meaning does one have to worry about individual blades cracking, or breaking? Is there a warranty against this?

    2) Do the spring blades eventually lose height, and compress, rendering the spring action useless, or virtually eliminated?

    3) I haven’t been able to find these in Foot Locker stores, or Adidas stores…what store would I be better off visiting to get an actual view of the real thing? Ironically, and sad, I visited an Adidas store, a company store, and they told me that they wouldn’t have these in the store for at least a year, and they’ve already been out for months!!!

    Any help answering these questions would be appreciated…thanks. 🙂

  13. Nuno, check your local sporting goods stores. I presonally have seen these at the Academy Sports. I would think Dicks, or the like would carry them also. I have not seen them in any shoe specific stores either. Sadly, Zappos does not have them right now, other wise I would direct you there with the free shipping option they have.

    I would love to see a follow up review, now that we are more than 6 months out, to see how they are holding up. I want to love these, but if they are not worth the extra cash, then I will just save the extra $80 bucks they cost me.

  14. Thought I’d share,have had my spring blades for almost 1 year.low moderate runner(less that 10 miles/week).shoes still comfortable with some spring but the bottom of each shoe is not a single molded plastic but at least 2 parts…and on both shoes the mold has split and is breaking from shoe.just a matter of time and whole section of 2 part molded sole will fall off.they split almost mid sole,which is understandable as that is where your foot bends.not sure if my pair only or typical after wear and tear.too bad as I expect more from expensive shoe

    1. Hi, i have the same shoes and the same split has happened, 4 blades from the back of the runner, about midway. On the outside of the foot in both cases.

      I have not used these for running, and they have only really had light use.

      I’m thinking I ought to bring them back and get my money back, its not really good enough.

  15. hi, i have used the spring blade shoes for past 2 months, its very comfortable to walk, but yesterday i saw one side shoe have got broken in the middle and torn from the bottom and the other side the plastic mould got cracked. too expensive shoes but bad durability

  16. These are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought. They are also the most useless. The sole design looks fantastic, but it is too thin and too inflexible at the stress points. The ones I bought split across the soles within days. I walk 6km on paved roads each day. There is clearly a major design fault with these. DO NOT BUY THEM!

  17. I personally love these. I just picked up my second pair. I’ve bought them when they are on sale from Adidas and a fee other online retailers. I’ve walked and ran many miles in them, and have not had the sole split like others have talked about.

    I do squeak when walking at least when they are new. Stairs aren’t any issue. Love these and some of the most comfortable I own. I wear Puma mostly, but Adidas are an old favorite of mine.

    I’ve recommended them to many. Not everyone loves them like I do, but a few others habe gottsn them and like them. But you want a talking piece, get these. Never have I had so many notice my shoes.

    Happy to answer any other questions of you have them.

  18. Hello!

    Right, I have got an issue with my springblades… When I am walking, one of the blades squeaks when it bends as I put my foot to the ground and it can be very loud! I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this or if there is any way to stop it?


  19. I bought the springblades last week….but since the time I bought them,they make a very annoying squeaking sound whenever I walk or run….does anyone have the same problem or any solution to this

  20. Mine squeak when walking on tile or a hard wood floor. I don’t notice it on xarpet, out outside just normal walking. I think mine is from the grip of the sole. It doesn’t make the noise on my older pair that’s been used more.

  21. These running shoes are definitely a disappointment, they are not as comfortable as Nike or Puma and the worst thing is the SQUEEKY they make noise on hard surfaces. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE SHOES.

  22. Hello Julie,

    your review of Adidas Springblade Running Shoes is informative. I, too, am picky when it comes to style and comfort of my athletic shoes. I like their design. The transparent sole is ingenious.

  23. These are the worst shoes I have ever bought. The sole has a clear design fault. It is way too thin and inflexible. The sole split, in both shoes, after a few days of walking 6kms in them. The blades are nothing more than aesthetics and the little pads on each came off very quickly. The upper part of the shoe is fine and feels very comfortable and light. Pity it is wasted by attaching it to such a useless piece of very expensive junk. Do not buy these shoes under any circumstances.

    1. I urge anyone considering buying these shoes for whatever purpose, to look at alternatives. There are plenty out there that are much better for walking, running and leisure. These shoes are utterly useless and grossly overpriced. The blades are nothing more than a badly thought out gimmick. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish! I’m not joking, if you have £130 to throw away on this garbage, then you probably deserve what’s coming! You’ll get 6 weeks of moderate use before they become useless. You have been warned.

  24. my daughter has a pair of springblade sneakers however both sneakers have a problem with the 16 tuned high tech polymer blades. they both separated from the sneaker sole. please advise what to do about replacements or warranty. thank you

  25. I had a knee replacement 5 years ago, but I’m only 40 and I’d like to start running again, but the impact is killing me. These shoes look like what I’ve been waiting for. How are these on shock absorption? Anyone else in a situation like mine that has used them?

  26. I bought the springblades this Sunday, but since the time I bought them,they make a very annoying squeaking sound whenever I walk or run….does anyone have the same problem or any solution to this

  27. The shoe springblade is nice.i am wearing this shoe but 1 thing is that it makes a noise while walking which makes me very odd.i have recently purchased a pair of shoes.if there is any suggestion for removing the noise then please suggest.

  28. Hey guys i have been considering whether to buy this shoes or not. Got anyone an experience with new models like drive 2m? Is that shoe and blades still cracking or not?
    thanks much

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