HTC announces the HTC One Android smartphone

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This morning HTC announced its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One, and boy is it a stunner. Designed with a zero-gap/unibody style sleek aluminum case and a 4.7″ 1080p 468 PPI display, the One looks like an Apple fan’s iPhone 6 fantasy. It features a 1.7Ghz quad core Snapdragon processor and will be available in 32GB and 64GB versions. Interestingly enough, the rear camera is only 4 mega pixels. But before you start freaking out, in this case, less is more. Way more. The 4MP camera uses a  sensor which is more like a point and shoot camera than a phone camera. It is 3x faster, has optical image stabilization and a F2.0 aperture which allows more light in than the iPhone 5. Using the new HTC Zoe app, the camera will capture 20 pictures and 3 seconds of video at the click of the shutter, transforming your image gallery into a whole new experience. The HTC One also features HTC BlinkFeed and HTC BoomSound. HTC BlinkFeed turns your home screen into a live stream of all your social networks, news and feeds. HTC BoomSound puts your tunes up front, with dual frontal stereo speakers powered by built-in amplifiers.

I was really excited about this phone until I noticed 2 things. First all, it doesn’t have a microSD card slot… and 2nd, it’s not coming to Verizon. 🙁 If you’re an AT&T, Tmobile or Sprint user, you’ll be able to buy the HTC One in March.

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  2. Missing microSD slot….why do companies even do that? Forces people to purposely buy the more expensive higher capacity one. Next thing you know, camera companies will have digital cameras without SD slots. Which camera will you pick? 16GB? 32GB? 64GB? Each one a hundred dollar more.

  3. Jackie – they limit the on-board memory because they want you to put all your stuff on the cloud where they can control it and, eventually, charge you for access to it. Expect the next iPhone to have less memory, not more, than the current one.

  4. Izzy – Yea I know why they do it. But it’s sad that we, the consumer, have to suffer and get stuck with the bill.

  5. I was also excited to see that HTC came up with. It’s been a while since my last HTC (RE: Been buying Samsung) but while it looks pretty, the missing sd-card and inability to replace the battery is a big turn off for me. Guess I’ll be waiting for the Galaxy IV.

    1. @Lance I can live with not being able to replace the battery. But I really want an SD card slot. I too am looking forward to seeing what the SGS4 has to offer… In the mean time, Verizon is going to send me the SGN2 to check out since I’ve not played with one yet.

  6. I’ve had the HTC OneX+ for awhile now; no micro SD and battery not removable. It has worked great for me so I don’t need either and DropBox is the best for storage that is accessible everywhere and from every gadget. Of the 64GB available on my HTC OneX+, I’m only using 10. Waiting for Expansys to announce a price and it will be on it’s way. But why can’t HTC at least be more creative with the name? How many models of HTC One – – – – do they have?

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