Do you plan to buy the Apple iPad Mini?

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A week from tomorrow (10/23) Apple will be announcing the iPad Mini tablet. At least that’s the rumor. A reliable rumor, but until it happens, it’s still a rumor. So here’s my question for you. Do you plan to buy the iPad Mini as soon as you possibly can? Will you stand in line for one? Back before the original iPad was announced, my wish list for the iPad resembled what we’ve been seeing of the leaked iPad Mini.  Back then I didn’t want a 10″ tablet. I thought that size was way too big and bulky. But then the iPad came out, I bought one and fell in love with it. Since that time, I’ve had a few 7″ tablets. I bought the first Kindle Fire, the first color Nook and more recently the Google Nexus 7. The Kindle Fire and color Nook seemed lame to me because they lacked the official google play store. But even after playing with the Nexus 7, I found that I prefer a tablet with a 10″ screen and  those tablets I just mentioned have gone totally unused (except for the Google Nexus 7, which I sent to Ian to review). This makes me wonder if I’ll like the iPad Mini or if it will end up in a drawer with my other tablets with android. Since switching to a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone from an iPhone 4S, I’m happily using Android. If the iPad Mini is nothing more than a miniature iPad, I think it’s going to bore me just as much as the iPhone 5 has. Maybe I’ll skip it too and get a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 instead.

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  2. No, Apple burned us by stopping updates on the iPad G1 in less than two years and, frankly, the Google Nexus 7 has proven to be a more functional tablet. I do like the 8″ size that the iPad mini is rumored to have though over the 7″ size. Seems like a small difference, but it does make a difference.

  3. I’m holding out hoping there is a iPad Mini. It will be the tablet I want to get the kids. I think it could offer an amazing value too. You can read anything on it including your Kindle and Nook content. Apple’s closed garden is actually more open because of these apps. Plus we share apps on one family ID so any Apple tax is peanuts compared to repurchasing Android apps to things we already have.

  4. I may not, i’m hoping Apple will reduce some price on the existing iPad range. I have for sure decided to purchase iPad, but not decided yet on which one to buy (10 in, or Mini). I don’t want to buy one now and repent after Apple reduces (if it does).

  5. I don’t rush out and buy something with out seeing it and trying it out and I’m a retired, tired man who doesn’t like crowds, so i wait a while. I sort of plan to buy either that or a new Ipad, and a iphone 5 and a 27 inch iMac courtesy of Apple. ( I bought apple stock its rising faster then my purchases, I made my girl friend do the same
    ands she is buying an imac and a 15 inch macpro plus a 27 inch monitor and maybe a new mini, courtesyof Apple same reason. But since they were in no hurry to get it out for us. We are patiently waiting. I was at the Apple store yesterday, they seem to know nothing, so if they don’t want our Apple money yet. The longer they wait the more we pay for it with their money, so to speak. I also want a ITV maybe several, but I can wait. Its been a year already! We both love Apple in every way except this no information play games get maddening. WCH

  6. No. I won’t be buying a mini.
    It’s too expensive probably.
    Kinda decadent too IMHO to have an iPhone plus an iPad 3 and mini. I already feel a bit spoiled having an iPhone and an iPad. Another device which would overlap in functionality with the two devices I already own, would be too much, way too much for me.

  7. @ Andrew I’m sure you can do that. I don’t have any Android devices. I do think the Nexus looks pretty nice, but I’m holding out for a iOS device to take advantage of the ecosystem. We already have a couple iPads in the house. The mini would be something for our kids at Christmas, that kind of thing. I’m sure it would be more expensive than the Android competition, but the cost of repurchasing Apps and then doing all the workarounds to adopt Android into our lifestyle would probably be worth the Apple tax.

  8. The day I buy my first Apple product will be the day that hell freezes over. I am quite happy with Android and even think of putting it on my desktop from time to time.

    I currently have a rooted Nook Tablet and only wish it had a GPS My next tablet will have a HD screen, expansion SD card, WiFi, quad core processor, GPS, min 32 gig memory and run Jelly Bean OS.

  9. I can hardly wait for the iPad mini to be announced & released. I currently have the original iPad and this has become too slow so it’s either the mini or iPad 3 for a replacement. In the meantime I checkout the form factor of the 7″ tablets to get comfortable with it.

    Would I consider an Android or other OS? After the ‘wilderness’ years of getting various portable platforms like Palm to work seamlessly with the data on my Mac, I’m just relieved Apple is increasing the options within its ecosystem.

  10. I’m confused by the pricing. The basic model is $50 more than the iPod Touch 8GB, and $50 less than the new-gen iPod Touch 32GB. It’s in a weird spot, and makes the Touch a non-starter, price wise; get an old-gen IPod Touch that may lose support in a year, or spend the extra $50 and get a physically larger screen. If music is all that matters, the Nano is cheaper and has more storage at the same price points. Otherwise, ne may as well go for the iPhone.

    I know Apple considers the Touch to be a red-headed stepchild, but this pricing is a tad unusual, since its almost like they want their revised iPod Touch to fail. First no light sensor, now this. If they didn’t want to sell iPod Touches, they could have avoided investing more money into the new form factor.

  11. I think the Mini would be great for students; I see more and more frequently that this private school is requiring iPads or that public school is getting a bunch to use in certain classrooms. Cheaper pricing would make it easier for parents to afford and insure, if they are required to provide them. It might be a great idea for people who’d love an iPad but don’t have the budget for the big one, too.

    I’d like to have one to throw in my smaller purses to take everywhere, but I don’t know that I would rush out and buy one now. I’m more likely to consider one when I decide to replace my current iPad.

  12. I’m buying one. Maybe not so obsessed to stand in line, but will order. I have an Android unlocked phone, an iPad 3 and a MacBook Air. Traveling with the iPad 3 and MBA in carry-on is a bit heavy but each have their own purpose and seems I can’t leave home without them. Thinking the Mini might be a lighter weight alternative to the iPad 3 and it seems Apple always has something surprisingly good with each offering.

  13. I may get one for my son so he will leave my Ipad alone, since he likes it better than his Kindle Fire because of the Apps. I really don’t see much use for a device between the Iphone/Touch and the Ipad beyond that.

  14. I would buy one only if, 1) it supports existing purchased ipad apps, 2) if there’s a 3G version, and 3) if it didn’t cost an arm, a leg, a lung and kidneys…..

  15. It will really depend on the specs for what is actually for sale, and the associated pricing. I have an iPad 2, and I use it constantly, but there are times that it;s just too much to carry around, and too expensive to justify the potential for loss. I had my best laptop stolen in 5 minutes unattended at a client’s office, and since then am a bit gun-shy about taking out my best items in the field. So, I got a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and it’s just the right size and price point that while I’d still be PO’ed if it was damaged or stolen, it would not be devastating and require a claim against my homeowners insurance to replace. So a similarly priced iPad would certainly be something to consider, particularly if it came with a 3g/4g option. But, if the specs aren’t great then it might not be worth it. Until it’s released I won’t know for certain.

  16. I just bought a The New iPad back in August. It has been working very well for me so far. My biggest complaint is that it’s just too heavy to hold in one hand to read for any period of time. I could see buying a smaller iPad, but only if they manage to keep the super high resolution display. I love that I can’t see individual pixels and the fonts just seem so smooth. If they can’t keep that feature, I would pass on it.

  17. However, both a 7-8″ or 10″ iPad still suffer from the same inherent problem though: in order for me to carry one around, I have to either bring a small bag to tote it in or hold it in my hand.

  18. Yes, if it’s a retina display. I have the 3rd Gen iPad and love it, but I don’t like toting it around on my commute. It’s just a tad bit too large. I have a fair amount invested in the iOS ecosystem, and found Android to be annoying to use. So the mini will fit a niche I have nicely.

  19. If you’re looking for a tablet for younger children the Nabi 2 is very nice, tough, and priced under $200. We purchased a number of these for my son’s first grade class and it is working out very, very well. Being able to overlay a locked-down, child-safe interface over Android is a big advantage over iOS where there’s no way to really keep kids out of the basic functions.
    If you have another Android device I’d suggest Zoodles (free) as a way to protect your children from adult content and keep them out of your email, etc.

  20. After a good trial, the iPad proved too big & heavy for heavy use on the road (cars, coffee shops, planes, waiting rooms, etc.). The slim & light Nexus 7 has been perfect for my needs (already got 4.1.2 Jelly bean update), so I’ll skip the rumored mini. But I’m sure the Apple cachet will attract many, especially the young ones. To each his own.

  21. I will definitely buy an iPad Mini once they release it. It will fit better in my hands and my purse. I would still keep my regular iPad as well to use in the home. I am very excited for the announcement on Tuesday, because I have been looking for a smaller tablet ever since my co-worker from DISH was talking about the rumors. I really just want it to be able to take it with me out of the house, especially with all the new shows and new fall season here, to watch live TV on the DISH Remote Access app so I don’t have to miss any of the shows this season. I know the iPad Mini will most likely be a little more expensive than the other small tablets, but it will be well worth it. I cannot wait for the announcement!

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