TomTom Navigation App now on Android (Sponsored Video)

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Real TomTom employees in Amsterdam were filmed doing the robot dance to celebrate the fact that their navigation app is now available for Android. Their app has been available for iOS devices for quite a while, but now Android smartphone users will get a chance to try it. Why would you want to use TomTom when you already have Google Maps on your Android phone? One big reason is that it does not require a mobile signal to use it. This means you can plan your route on the road instead of doing it before you leave and making it available offline. TomTom also provides alerts for fixed speed cameras and helps route you around traffic jams. You will even receive free map updates for life. TomTom is available on the Google Play app store for $49.99.

This video is sponsored by TomTom.

3 thoughts on “TomTom Navigation App now on Android (Sponsored Video)”

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  2. I have used CoPilot Live Premium USA on my Android phone for years and have found it to be fantastic. Map updates come out each quarter. Best 9.99 nav app I have found. Available on iOS too for those with iPhones.

    1. @Mark I always get curious about navigation apps before heading out on a trip… like tomorrow. We’re going on vacation and I’m wondering if Verizon’s VZ Navigator works better than Google Maps or maybe I should check out CoPilot. Hmmmmm….

  3. I’ve used standalone GPS (Tom Tom, Garmin) and phone based ones such as Sygic, Co-Pilot and Metroview and they all have their own pluses and minuses ranging from the up to dateness of their maps, the graphical quality of their map, cost of up to date maps, the easy of operation and their choice of route. So there’s not really one that stands out.

    Google maps and Navigation does work well, just be aware that it does suck your battery life running the 3G and GPS, so if you’ve got a long trip and want battery available to make phone calls and other things during a long trip make sure you have a car adapter or external battery available.

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