mophie juice pack PRO Protects and Charges Your iPhone 4/4S

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In the past, getting ruggedized protection for your phone meant giving up cases with built-in battery extenders.  Now, with the juice pack PRO from mophie, you can have both.  The 2500mAh built-in battery, the largest ever included in a juice pack, can be used to constantly keep your iPhone 4 or 4S topped off at full power or held in reserve for emergency charging only.  You can charge the juice pack PRO as you charge/sync your iPhone.  The case has been designed to exceed the MIL-STD 810G standards for impact protection and dust/sand penetration set forth by the United States Military. While it’s not waterproof, the juice pack PRO offers protection from splashes and rain, dust and sand, impacts and drops, and vibration and shock.  The mophie juice pack PRO is $129.95.

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  2. I purchased my Juice Pack Pro direct from Mophie last week. After getting started with putting my iPhone inside the case, I noticed scratches on the screen. It then clicked that the round stickers that seal the outer sleeve of the packaging to the inside were already cut But, in my excitement to get started, I really didn’t pay attention to it.

    I contacted Mophie and was advised to fill out their online form and the exchange process would start. I received a reply within an hour and to my dismay, they wanted me to pay for shipping back to them. I let them know quite clearly that I would not spend another $20 to send back something that I paid $130 for, then nearly $10 in tax and $26 in shipping. All told, I spent $165 to get my hands on the case. I received no further reply from customer service so I decided to send an email to the founders of the company, which included the CEO. I still have yet to receive any sort of response from anyone.

    So here I am, stuck with a product that was basically shipped to me as a refurb/open box unit. I haven’t even had the pleasure of using it. They may have great products. But, what good are they if the company doesn’t stand behind their product or their image. What a shame.

  3. I’m happy to say that after two weeks of no response from Mophie customer/technical support or Mophie executives, I finally received an email from Charles Mercadal, the Technical Support Manager. I had basically written off any idea that I was going to have my issue resolved in an acceptable fashion. I even started using the case, as I figured I was stuck with it and might as well get some use of the $160+ case.

    It appears that Charles was heard about my review/complaint on Amazon. He offered to send me a replacement case if that would resolve the issue. Of course I said yes, as that’s all I wanted in the first place. I did however, advised Charles that I wanted to speak with him personally before procedding with the replacement.

    I spoke with Charles the next day and actually had a very good conversation about what I mentioned in my original review and also the other issues with the case, such as the easily scratched integrated screen protector and the echo that the person on the other end of the phone hears, if they can hear you at all. I was advised that the issues with the microphone are currently being addressed. And, although the issue hasn’t yet been completely resolved, it should be soon. After which, the new parts will be shipped to those who have registered and/or contacted support about their Juice Pack Pro. Charles didn’t seem very familiar with the easily scratched screen protector problem. I filled him in on what I was experiencing with mine and how I had obviously only been using the case for less than 2 weeks and it looks like I have been using it for at least 6 months. He told me that he would bring this up to whomever it was that should know about this and assured me that it would be addressed after the microphone issue was fixed.

    So, to sum it up, I’m getting a brand new, un-touched by human hands since manufacturing, scratch free Juice Pack Pro in replacement for the original one that was sent to me. I’m also on the list to received the updated replacement parts that are supposed to fix the microphone issue. And, I received a pre-paid shipping label for sending the old one back. I’d say Charles stepped up to the plate and righted the wrong.

    Thanks again Charles. I’m now a satisfied customer.

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