Turn Your TV into an Android Smart TV with Brando’s Mini X Android TV Box

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brando mini x android tvInside this small box resides a powerful device to add smart TV functionality to your normal HD TV.  The Mini X Android TV Box from Brando has an A10 chipset and runs Android 2.3; it has 4GB of NAND memory and 512MB of DDR memory.  It supports the Google Chrome browser and wireless networking access with its built-in Wireless N module.  You can connect it to external USB storage devices or SD cards where you’ve stored multimedia content.  It supports a wide variety of audio, picture, and video formats.  The Mini X connects to your TV with an HDMI cable, and it has a full HD 1080p hardware video decoder.  The Mini X Android TV Box is $89.00 at Brando.

4 thoughts on “Turn Your TV into an Android Smart TV with Brando’s Mini X Android TV Box”

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  2. Android 2.3 is not really suitable for a Smart TV as it is not designed with a big screen in mind. Android 4.0 is more optimized for bigger screen and more developers are supporting tablet optimized apps under Android 4.0.

    Check out the article below on the MK802 with Android 4.0 being used for Smart TV purpose.

  3. albert ferrera

    id like to know if i plug in a smart TV device to any screen and upload photos and videos into it using a USB drive, will this device stream the images and videos in chronological order? id also like to know how long lasting is the battery life?

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