Smartish Gripmunk with Magsafe Slim Case Review

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smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 08

REVIEW – I’ve been on the hunt for the “perfect” clear case with Magsafe for my iPhone 12 Pro. I found the original Apple clear case with Magsafe to be too slippery, and the buttons were too stiff. Would the Smartish Gripmunk with Magsafe Slim Case fare any better?

What is it?

The Gripmunk with Magsafe Slim Case comes in black (left) and clear (right). Smartish calls the models “Black Tie Affair” and “Nothin To Hide”.smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 03

Other than color both cases are identical. I’ll be digging into the Nothin To Hide model.

Hardware specs

The Gripmunk boasts “super grippy sides” with protective air-pocket corners. Plus, the ring contains embedded magnets for Magsafe charging.

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 01

Design and features

Installation is pretty straightforward. The material is quite flexible.

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 04

Once the case is on, I noticed a very faint dimpled pattern on the back of the case. I believe this prevents the back of the phone from sticking to the clear material, causing a sort of “cling”.

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 02

Another interesting feature is the frosted edges. I wasn’t expecting it, but I like it. The texture gives the phone extra grip.

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 05

If you look closely, the sides of the case have sculpted ridges. It feels great in the hand!

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 06

Of course, the party trick I was interested in was the Magsafe. Yes you can get a case without magnets and Magsafe will still work, but you won’t get a strong grip.

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 08If Magsafe charging isn’t your thing, then the bottom cutout is large enough for most Lightning cables, including the Smartish Crown Joule with reversible Lighting and USB-C ends (sold separately)smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 07

This wasn’t the thickest case I’ve tried, but I measured it to be sure. It measures 4.15 mm thicker than a bare iPhone 12 Pro, or 2.08 mm on each side.

smartish gripmunk magsafe slim 09

What I like

  • Textured sides
  • Contoured grip
  • Not too bulky, not too slim. Just in between.

What I’d change

  • The side buttons aren’t as difficult as the Apple clear case, but could be better.

Final thoughts

If you want the grippiest, Magsafe compatible case for your iPhone 12/12 Pro, grab hold of a Smartish Gripmunk with Magsafe Slim Case.

Price: $19.99
Where to buy: Smartish and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Smartish

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