Belkin Snap Shield Secure for the New iPad Review

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I use a Smart Cover to protect the screen on my new iPad because I like how sleek it is compared to most covers and cases on the market.  I still want some protection for the metal back, but I don’t want it to completely obscure the appearance or add a lot of bulk.  I’ve been using a clear polycarbonate back cover with my new iPad, and it works okay with the Smart Cover.  The big problem is how the Smart Cover just flops around when it’s folded to the back while I’m using the iPad.  The magnets in it hold the Smart Cover closed over the screen, but they don’t hold it flat to the back, and it folds and flaps around at the plastic “hinges” where the Smart Cover folds into a stand.  Belkin addressed both my concerns – protecting the back of the iPad and keeping the Smart Cover out of my way – with their Snap Shield Secure back cover for the new iPad.  I was happy to be selected to give the cover a try.  Will it replace my current back cover?

The Belkin Snap Shield Secure is a hard plastic back cover that snaps on the edges of the iPad.  No specification is given for the type of plastic.  It’s available in clear, pink, and smoke; green, red, and navy colors are coming soon.  I selected the clear.  You can see from the photos that the case is actually a frost color.  The Snap Shield Secure has a soft-touch finish on the outside.

The case weighs 2.5 ounces.

A metal plate is embedded into the plastic on the side opposite where the Smart Cover’s hinge attaches to the new iPad.  The plate is very flush to the interior surface, so I don’t worry that it will scratch the back of my iPad.

Here you can see the exterior of the metal plate with the case installed on the iPad.  You can also see there’s a large opening for the iPad’s back camera.  The Snap Shield Secure doesn’t affect the quality of the pictures taken with the back camera.

The case snaps securely over the metal sides of the new iPad.  There are a few little tabs that just fold up along the edges of the glass.  The Snap Shield Secure is designed for the new iPad, but it also fit my iPad 2.

There’s an opening for the speaker grill.  The speaker’s sound isn’t affected by the case.  There’s a cutout around the charging slot.  I was able to use Apple’s 30-pin charging cable while the iPad was in the case.  I don’t have a dock to test if the case will fit, but it is so thin that it may fit in some docks.

The rotation lock/mute button and volume rocker were easily accessible.

Cutouts along the top left the sleep/wake button, headphone jack, and the microphone accessible and easy to use.

The Snap Shield Secure is designed for use with the Smart Cover, and there was an opening along the side of the new iPad for the cover’s hinge.  This opening is much smaller than the openings on the other back covers I’ve used.  It’s just big enough for the hinge, and it doesn’t leave a lot of the back exposed like some back covers I’ve used in the past.

Here’s my leather Smart Cover in place.

This close-up lets you see how well the Smart Cover fits into the opening.  The cover opens and closes flawlessly.

This picture shows the Smart Cover folded to the back.  I’m holding the iPad suspended in the air.  With all other back covers I’ve tried, the Smart Cover would be dangling with nothing to hold it in place.  The magnets in the Smart Cover grab the metal plate in the Snap Shield Secure, and the cover is held in place.  It doesn’t let go even when I shake the iPad.  You can see a bit of slackness at one of the “hinges” in the cover, but the Smart Cover hasn’t once fallen loose.

I really like the Belkin Snap Shield Secure.  It fits snugly against the back of my new iPad to protect it.  It’s clear enough that I can see the back of my iPad, and all controls and connectors are open and easily used.  I love how the metal plate holds my Smart Cover securely when it’s folded to the back.  The Snap Shield Secure does exactly what it promises, and you can’t ask for more than that.  It has replaced the back cover I had been using with my new iPad.


Product Information

  • Protects the back and sides of my new iPad from scratches and dings
  • Lightweight
  • Can access buttons and connectors
  • Holds the Smart Cover in place when folded to the back
  • None

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14 thoughts on “Belkin Snap Shield Secure for the New iPad Review”

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  2. I totally agree with your review. I got the Logitech Ultra Slim Keyboard to use with my 3rd Gen iPad, but wanted something for the back. I saw the Clear Belkin Snap Shield at Staples, and just KNEW it was perfect. I like how the cutouts for the volume & lock/mute are actual cutouts, keeping a thin piece of plastic at the edge of the iPad. This snap shield works perfectly with the Keyboard hinge too. Now I’v got protection all around… Definitely worth the price!

  3. This is nice, but overpriced. Check out the Devicewear Union… almost exactly the same, feature by feature, for $19.99. Just got that a week ago from Amazon and it really is phenomenal!

  4. It’s a bit expensive for a back cover, however, this case from Belkin does its job of protecting the rear side of your iPad. Nice review, btw!

  5. Hi Janet,

    Great review! I have a few questions for you:
    Would you say that this back cover is worth its price? I’m going to get an iPad soon and I want some accessories to protect it from scratches and such. Does the magnet strip change the iPad experience significantly, or the normal Snap Shield is good enough? Is the Smart Cover dangling around get really annoying?
    How does it compare to the HyperShield TPU back cover? I can’t seem to be able to make a decision between both.
    After a while, did the corners start to crack a little? Since the cover is made out of plastic.
    Last question, did the cover show any discoloration after using it for a while?

    Thank you!
    (Sorry I had a lot of questions, haha)

  6. Given it’s been almost a month since you got the Snap Shield Secure… have you seen any issues with the corners cracking? There’s a lot of reviews on Amazon and other forums discussing this problem, where it’ll spontaneously develop cracks, even with gentle handling.

  7. Janet Cloninger

    @Haesslich Yep, I have a cracked corner. I’ve gone back to the back cover I ordered from Amazon. I liked the Snap Shield because it covered more of the aluminum back and because it held the Smart Cover in place, but at least my cheapo cover is still in one piece.

  8. Well, I guess that’s definitely one case I can cross off my list of ‘to look at’, given that it’s not just a few people seeing issues. It’s very light and very thin… but damn, those seem to break easy. The Tucano Magico’s a nice back shell, but it’s a little tight around the edges, from what I’ve seen.

  9. Janet Cloninger

    @Haesslich I paid more for it than the $7.50 they’re selling it for now, but I’ve been using the Cimo Smart Cover Compatible Slim Back Case for Apple iPad 2 (Clear) from Amazon. This case is supposedly for the iPad 2, but it fits my new iPad perfectly. This is the one I went back to.

  10. I suspect the Snap Shield is STILL too tight around the edges (as in, it’s too small for the new iPad, despite the changes made) – I examined one personally in store, and well.. one corner does not want to go on, which means if you force it all the way on, I suspect the stress will cause it to crack quickly. I do wonder if it’ll manage not to crack if you don’t force that corner on, and if Belkin will finally ship out replacement shields with the problem fixed.

    How tight is the Cimo on the new iPad?

  11. Janet, thanks for the review. I like it and I also like the product. I am curious if this case fits the new ipad 4. I don’t know if I should buy it or not. 🙂 At the moment there is no product dedicated to ipad 4 on belkin website.

  12. @Cezar As I mentioned, the case developed a crack, so I quit using it. I also don’t have an iPad 4 to test it with. Sorry.

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