Aviiq Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack System

Late last year I was selected to review the Aviiq Portable Charging Station (see related links).  The 4-port USB charging station allowed me to charge up to four devices, including an iPad, from a single wall outlet.  I found that very convenient, but the relatively unstructured storage bag and cable storage system resulted in the charging station looking like a bag of cooked spaghetti had exploded when I used it.  Aviiq has announced a new version that tames the spaghetti.

The Aviiq Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack System still doesn’t add a rechargeable emergency battery to the system; it’s still a 4-port USB charging station that can even charge an iPad.  They have added four plastic cable winders to tame the cables needed to charge your devices.  The winders can be removed when you need to connect your device to the computer for syncing.  The soft-sided bag has been replaced with a structured zippered case, available in your choice of black leather for $99.99 or gray nylon for $79.99.

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