Son-X Octavia Motivates Kids to Swing Higher

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What is the world coming to? Way back when I was a kid, there was nothing better than finding a good playground with swings and see-saws to keep you busy for hours.  It appears though that Son-X has decided that kids today don’t have any imagination and have released the Octavia to “awaken the natural curiosity in children to explore the possibilities through activity”.  The solar powered device attaches to a swing chain and after a certain time on the swing and/or when the child reaches a certain height they are rewarded with a sound experience.  There are three “sound experiences” available: applause, concert, and beat with more coming out that can be upgraded via USB.

It’s currently shipping out to schools around Europe, and when (IF?) it’s available to consumers, will cost around  €499 ($624).  I suspect that this is money better spent on just getting to the park with your kids more often 🙂

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  2. What can be more inspiring to kids then having their parent(s) play with them?

    I pitty those kids where parents don’t have time to spend with them and have to resort to appliences don’t their parents job for them.

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