Remember NetZero? They’re Offering Free Mobile Broadband*

Remember back in the day when NetZero offered free dial-up service and the only thing you had to suffer through was seeing advertisements?  Well NetZero is back to offer free mobile broadband*.  Yes, the asterisk is placed there on purpose.  So what does that asterisk mean?  The free version of NetZero Mobile Broadband is the plan that offers 200MB monthly data.  This free plan is only valid for 12 months and cannot be renewed.  You cannot go back to the free plan again if you decide to upgrade to the paid plans.  You need to either purchase a $49.95 USB modem or the $99.95 Hotspot.  Monthly plans range from the free plan to $49.95 Platinum Plan.  I just ordered one for myself for emergencies.  I opted for the $50 USB modem on the Free Plan.  Shipping was $19.95 and tax was $4.89.  So it will cost me a total of $74.79 for 12 months of emergency 200MB/month, which is a great deal if you’re stuck without WiFi.

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