Keep Things from Getting Too Hot with Temji Shower Temperature Dials

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Most bathroom tub and shower faucets don’t have any settings indicators, so you never know for sure if you have the water temperature adjusted to your liking before getting in the shower.  These simple, yet ingenious Temji bands from Dreamfarm stretch to fit most any faucet.  Simply use trial-and-error one more time to find the adjustment that’s just right for you, then fit the dial and indicator on your faucet.  To make things easier, there’s a red band for hot and blue for cold.  Temji is only $4.95.  You can order directly from Temji (in Australia) or use their store finder to find resellers near you.  (There are several resellers here in Greensboro, but I can’t tell if they offer the entire line of Dreamfarm products.)

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  2. I’ve been to the States a few times, and stayed in several hotels, some of them quite luxurious. But strangely enough, I’ve never seen thermostat faucets. In Europe, they’ve been around for at least forty years. Once you’re used to having these, you’ll never want to go back. Simply adjust the flow strength and temperature independent from each other, instead of endlessly tinkering with the hot and cold faucets.

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