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When I surf the Internet or read email, I always try to avoid places and situations that could be dangerous – I never open emails with attachments from people I don’t know, I never click on random links in emails, and I avoid sites that sound skeevy.  Still, I once got a virus from a website that I had been to thousands of times before.  That virus wrecked my computer so badly that it had to be reimaged, and I consider myself lucky that I didn’t lose any of my important files and that no one was able to steal my identity. I was foolish not to have Internet-security software on my PC.

Losing family pictures from a personal computer would be heartbreaking, but losing customer databases and financial records could destroy your business.  You’ll be careful, but you can you trust all your employees to be as careful?  And sometimes, simply being careful isn’t enough.  Norton Small Business by Symantec will constantly monitor your PC and stop viruses before they can be downloaded from emails or from harmful sites.  Click to learn more.

In a survey, about 28% of small-business owners say technology is of more concern to them than reducing labor costs.  And about 60% say they have experienced malware problems in the past 3 years, and half of them had to pay an expert to resolve the resulting problems.

Earlier this year, Symantec introduced two new products designed for small-business protection.  Both Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012 protect against theft of your confidential business information so you can safely bank, surf, and do business online; notify you if a website or downloaded file is safe before your PC is infected; and protect your PC as you surf, email, and chat – all without slowing down your computer.  Norton 360 adds some important features: automatically backs up important files and documents to disk, USB, or secure Norton online data centers, and allows you to access them securely from any internet-connected computer; and keeps your computer running at top speed.

Best of all, Norton offers a 30% discount to small business owners.  Why not go learn how protect your Small Business from the latest online threats.  Or how it can protect important files and information on your personal PC, too.

Has your personal or business computer suffered losses from malware and viruses?  Let us know in the comments what Norton product could most benefit you.

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