FXI Technology Cotton Candy – Sweet Android on a Stick

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Why carry around that big screen notebook or tablet or on the other hand have to put up with a small smartphone-sized screen when you can run Android on almost any device with a USB  or HDMI port and a screen?  The Cotton Candy from FXI Tech is a prototype USB-sized stick that allows a user to take their Android OS with them anywhere and have single and secure access to all their applications, including cloud services.

Powered by an ARM Cotrex A9 1.2 processor and fitted out with Wifi 802.11/g/b/n, Bluetooth, 1GB DRAM, and up to 64 GB microSD storage, the stick also includes HDMI output and  runs Android 2.3. It can also support Unbuntu as well as a virtualised client for Windows, Linux and Mac.

When hooked up and plugged in it runs Android (or other OS ) applications in a secure window, essentially creating a dumb terminal. Benefits touted by FXI include consumer friendly access to the Cloud, extending the life of consumer hardware, consistent experience across all screens, and  consolidation of personal digital data.

So carry it to your hotel room, whip it out of your pocket, and plug it into the 42″ LCD and voila, big screen Android (though for a TV you will have to carry a bluetooth keyboard, and mouse, and some form of USB power).

Interesting concept , maybe a bit impractical for television connection at the moment given what additional gear you’d have to carry with you , but perhaps a look into the future where everyone carries their personal computer on their keyring ?

FXI’s CEO expects to see mass release in the second half of 2012 for about $200. See more information at FXI Tech

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  2. Neat idea, but $200 seems a bit high. I’d say it would have to sell for under $100. Also, I’d suggest using ICS as the OS…especially if they want to support larger screens.

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