Get a Jump on Spring and Plan Your Garden Now

Are you one of those lucky people with a “green thumb” and the beautiful yard that’s the envy of the neighborhood?  Or are you in competition with one of those people?  The Landscaper’s Companion for iPad may be the secret weapon you need to make your yard the winner in the neighborhood wars.  This app has information and photos for 7000 plants, trees, and shrubs, divided into 16 categories such as annuals, bulb plants, house plants, shade tries, and more.  Information for each plant describes the growing zone, water and light requirements, colors, and even their mature height and width.  You can search on these criteria to find just the plants you need to make your yard look its best.  This plant guide is great for the casual gardener, landscaper, or aspiring botanist.  The app is $4.99 in the iTunes app store.  There’s also a version for iPhone/iPod touch for $4.99.

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