Julie’s Gadget Diary 09-23-11

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gadget diaryDear Gadget Diary,

Happy first day of Fall! Things have really cooled off here and the leaves are even starting to change a little. I have had the GardenWatchCam snapping pictures of my woods line for at least a week now. I’m looking forward to the time lapse video I’m going to see once the leaves have completely changed and fallen. It should be cool and I plan to add it to my review.

Yesterday I had to go into the Cancer Center at Columbus Regional Hospital for my regular appointment with my oncologist Dr. Mak (great guy btw). I seem to be pretty popular there with 2 of the nurses that always stop in and ask me questions about the iPad and Android tablets. One of the nurses had purchased an Android tablet through one of the home shopping channels on TV and was having problems connecting it her home WiFi. She brought the tablet in for me to see and I was able to successfully connect it to the hospital’s free WiFi. I then proceeded to show her a few things and was instantly disappointed for her when I noticed that this tablet did not have the Android marketplace app. Instead, it had the same alternative market that the Nextbook I reviewed has – SlideME Marketplace. All the Apple / iPad haters can roll their eyes right now, but even though there are a bazillion Android tablets to choose from, it’s a shame that the experience isn’t the same on all of them. That’s one big thing that Apple has done right. The other nurse who had purchased an iPad for her husband mentioned that when they see the Apple iPad commercials on TV, they feel like they aren’t getting no where near the same ‘fun’ out of theirs. I asked if they ever visit the app store on iPad and she said yes, but all they ever notice are the games. I told her that there are so many more things that they can use the iPad for in addition to games. I pulled out my iPhone and showed her a piano application, some photography apps and other things. She then said that I need to teach a class and to let her know if I ever decided to do that as she would definitely sign up for it. That got me to thinking and wondering if I’d enjoy setting up some sessions like that every so often. It might be fun… or a hassle. Anyone else out there done anything like that in your town?

On a very sad note, my beloved Waterfield Wallet is starting to fall apart. It’s not in critical condition at the moment, but an interior seam is starting to fray. I’m debating over whether I should go ahead and order 1 (or 2) more, move on to something completely different or if I should finally get busy on trying to create my own wallet. I’m sure not moving very fast on that project though. This is mainly because I’m waiting to learn the dimensions of the iPhone 5, in case I want the wallet to hold my phone too. At least that’s my current excuse for my procrastination. 😉

BTW: Am I the only one that spends way too much time on sites like this one? http://pocketvomit.tumblr.com/

Thoughts for today:

When you can’t find the perfect X, do you try to make your own X?

I guess I only have one thought today. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  2. Julie,

    I think you it the nail on the head with the consistent user experience. It’s why I went back to the iPhone after a year on the Droid X. But that’s just me!

    I’ll bet if you contact SFBags, Gary and the gang will be happy to fix up your old beat up wallet! But I can also understand the allure of making your own X.

    When I was in college and more active in Amateur Radio, I wanted a carrying pouch for my handheld radios. Nobody made one I liked, so I made my own. I was rather proud of it! Until the feisty saleslady at Jun’s (Southern California ham radio store) saw it and declared it “ugly” in front of my friends. *Insert geek shame here.*

  3. in public school, i once took a pair of sport-socks that had holes, and turned the top elastic parts into wrist/sweat bands… i thought it was the coolest thing- til my mom laughed at me. I was so deflated.

    From then on, i vowed never to craft my own stuff, and spend my living days hunting for the perfect case for all my X gadgets.

    1. @Andy & anson It makes me sad that both of you made something you were really proud of and then let someone ruin that for you! I guess I’ve always been the type of person that really doesn’t give a flip what someone else thinks. If I like it, I’ll use it, wear it, etc. To heck with the naysayers 🙂 I was never one of the cool kids except in my own mind and I really think I’m better off for it 🙂

  4. On the topic of a tutorial for using a iPad:

    There are a lot of helpful sites on the internet.
    But maybe a real newby online tutorial could help some people?

    At my work we use Powerpoint to make interactive tutorials for our med. school students. It has a lot of powerful possibilities like creating animations, displaying video etc.

    A helpful video on YouTube could help newbies too perhaps.

  5. First of all, how are you doing and feeling? I think about you quite often, as this is one of my favorite sites.

    I’d love to enroll in a hands on tutorial, but you are geographically undesirable!

    However … you should explore an interactive tutorial using chat or some such geek-like resource!

    I have never made an X-type wallet. But I have attempted to build my own equipment when I just could’t find the right thing at a store. But I just don’t have the patience to follow through. My garage is full of half built prototypes.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  6. Thank you for a great site. Go for the class, is great to share information and interests with people. I bet you will be a great teacher.

  7. It seems like I’m always making X, because I cannot buy X.

    Latest creation: wrist strap for a new camera. If you look at what’s out there, all the small ones are made from flimsy materials, but the solid looking ones are all huge in size. So I ended up using 3mm climbing cord (supports 400 lbs) plus a small cord lock.

    Most useful creation: hiding the kitty litter box inside an Ikea dresser. ModernCat.net and IkeaHackers.net has several (better) examples of this, which I used as inspiration for my version.

    1. @thsu Maybe we should have a regular feature on The Gadgeteer where people talk about the items that they’ve made… I’d like to see your camera strap 🙂

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