Experience the Civil War As Did Those Who Lived It – One Day at a Time

The History Channel worked with Bottle Rocket Apps to bring the history of the American Civil War to the iPad.  Daily updates let you watch the war unfold day by day.  You’ll explore photo galleries; newspaper articles; personal letters and diary entries from 15 people (including Abraham Lincoln and Horatio Nelson Taft); authentic period maps; detailed background information about what it was like living in a Northern city, Southern plantation, Western frontier town, and military camp; a running tally of casualties; and more.  The game incorporates the GameCenter, and it uses Airplay for viewing the app data on Apple TV.  The app started on April 11, 2011 – so you’ll have to catch up on a couple of months of reading.  Daily updates will end on April 26, 2015.  The Civil War Today app for iPad is available in the iTunes app store for $7.99.

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