i-Sens KetoSens blood ketone monitoring system review

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REVIEW – I’m a fan of the keto diet as it pertains to helping me keep my blood glucose levels in the non-diabetic range. I’m pre-diabetic continue to explore low carb meal replacement foods, blood glucose monitoring systems, and now blood ketone meters like the i-Sens KetoSens blood ketone monitoring system. Let’s take a closer look.

What is it?

The i-Sens KetoSens blood ketone monitoring system is similar to a blood glucose monitoring system. Both systems use a drop of blood, but the i-Sens KetoSens reports back with the blood ketone reading. When the reading is above 0.1, it means that your body is burning fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar).

What’s in the box?

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  • i-Sens KetoSens blood ketone monitor
  • 2 coin cell batteries
  • Lancing device
  • 10 lancets
  • 10 Ketone strips
  • User guide
  • Zippered pouch

Design and features

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The KetoSens ketone meter looks like most blood glucose meters that I have used. It’s a plastic device with a display and a few buttons below the display.

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On the back of the KetoSens is a battery compartment.

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The ketone meter is powered by 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries which are included in the package.

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Also included is a lancet device that is used to prick your finger in order to draw a drop of blood to test for ketone levels.

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The top part of the lancet device unscrews to reveal the lancet holder.

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There are 10 lancets supplied with the KetoSens ketone meter.

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The lancet has a tiny needle (smaller than my blood glucose meter lancets).

Using the KetoSens ketone meter

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The first thing that you need to do is install the batteries into the unit. Then you can hold down the S button to turn the unit on. You’ll want to set the time and date so that you can look back on old readings and know when they were recorded.

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The next step is to wash your hands and then open one of the individually wrapped ketone test strips.

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The strip is inserted into the slot at the bottom edge of the KetoSens ketone meter. The display on the meter shows the time, date, and waits for you to put a drop of blood on the strip after using the lancet device to prick your finger.

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The test strips require a very small amount of blood and within a few seconds, a ketone reading will be shown on the KetoSen’s display. This was my first reading. A reading above 0.1 means that your body is burning fat/ketones for fuel.

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In order to test the accuracy of the i-Sens KetoSens ketone meter, I used my other ketone meter right after the KetoSens reading. As you can see, both meters showed the exact same results.

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The next day my ketones were a little higher.

What I like

  • Simple to use
  • Comes with everything you need to test your ketone levels quickly and accurately
  • Requires a very small drop of blood

What I’d change

  • Lower price on test strips

Final thoughts

Last fall, I had my A1C tested as part of a yearly physical and found that the level was higher than the previous year. While still in the pre-diabetes range, I knew that I had been “off the rails” with my eating habits due to working from home (thanks COVID) and knew it was time to get serious about my diet/health again. Although I am not overweight, I decided to try the keto diet. Not to lose pounds, but to lower my blood sugar levels as cutting carbs is an easy way to do that. I bought some ketone urine testing strips but found that to be not only messy, but hard to really tell the exact ketone level because the strips just show a range of colors. With a ketone meter that uses blood, the readings are much more accurate.

The i-Sens KetoSans ketone meter is affordable and easy to use. The only down side is the price for more strips which is about $40 for a package of 50 strips. Granted, you won’t be testing your ketones multiple times a day. Along with using my FreeStyle Libre CGM to see my blood glucose readings, the KetoSens lets me know that I’m on track for a lower A1C the next time I have it tested.

Price: $36.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by i-Sens.

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  2. The accompanying booklet has a detachable card with summary information regarding the various ketone ranges. It states 0-0.5 is “No-Ketosis” but you stated above anything above 0.1 means using ketones for fuel, which is ketosis, right ?

    1. I have this same question. I just purchased the meter and the specified levels on the card have me wondering if my meter is working correctly.

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