Hide gadgets ninja-style with a Takino Shirt

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If you’re on this site, you’re a gadgetophile, which probably means you lug around a lot of gadgets.  But what to do if you can’t or don’t want to haul a messenger bag, but you feel the need to have your phone, music player, earbuds, camera, wallet, keys, passport, pen, multitool, breath mints and maybe more on your person?  Shirt and pants pockets?  Inadequate in both capacity and style.  Carry it all around by hand?  Sure, if you’re an octopus.  The folks at Takino Shirt think they have a better way.  With the tagline “unseen style,” Takino shirts feature a series of low profile external and hidden internal pockets which allow the wearer to discreetly carry a sizable cache of gadget gear.  Offered in several styles including Nano ($189), Cotton ($135/$125), Travel ($135), Dress ($115) and Designer ($315, though not currently available in USA) and multiple colors.

3 thoughts on “Hide gadgets ninja-style with a Takino Shirt”

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  2. Seems to aim for much the same market as scottevest, should be interesting. To bad they only ship to USA and Canada right now.

  3. @turn.self.off – I thought about the comparison to ScotteVest as well. Just think if you wore a Takino these shirts, plus a ScotteVest vest and ScotteVest jacket. Gadget-o-rama!

  4. at that point one starts to run out of gadgets to carry, unless one go for something bulky that will need a bag anyways (tho i know of a british made jacket aimed at pro wilderness photographers).

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