A LapTop Desk With Potential

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My guess is that a lot of folks do not actually use the useless touchpads on their laptops (even when traveling or when working in front of the TV) and instead rely on an external mouse, which necessitates either a larger desk (e.g. see the Levenger Lap Desk) or a non-existent slide-out mouse pad.  And 99.9% of the mobile lap top desks I’ve looked at have all kinds of features except one:  a slide-out mouse pad.  But I finally bumbled onto this Rocketfish model sold exclusively at BestBuy for $39.99.  It not only has a slide-out mouse pad, but also accommodates a cup of  Joe (Kahlua not included).  Unfortunately in my area they are all sold out, so I can’t actually give it a try.

7 thoughts on “A LapTop Desk With Potential”

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  2. I’d like to get one of these too. I wouldn’t use the cup holder, but I’d definitely like a mouse pad. The only problem I foresee is that it might be too wide to fit in between the armrests on my Lazy Boy recliner. 🙂

  3. “. . . might be too wide to fit in between the armrests on my Lazy Boy . . .” — that really cracks me up for some reason. Note that the cup holder can be used to store stuff like cables, maybe one of those tiny laptop mice, memory stick, etc.

  4. i wondered if i should get a wireless mouse to replace the touchpad, but since i’m holding the computer on my lap alot i wouldn’t have much to roll it on. this solves that , and i see it’s padded on the bottom as well. worth a look.

  5. Over the years the touchpad has become second nature, although I wouldn’t use it to tackle pixel-by-pixel graphics editing. Why has it become second nature? Because no one makes a lapdesk with a slide-out mouse area, and if they did, they wouldn’t sell it in Finland, or in any online store that ships here for what it actually costs to ship things here.

    Yeah, it’s been something I’ve been pining after for years too. Now that there seems to be one, it’s not sold here. Of course it’s not sold here. Let’s make something that people need and only sell it in one store, in certain regions, in one country.

    I love the internet, but this is one of the reasons I also hate the internet. If not for it, I would remain blissfully unaware. 😉

    So I very much feel your pain in not being able to get one. I use my laptop from a couch, so the Levenger is out. it “rests on the arms of a chair.” Plural. In order to use it, I’d have to skip drinking my V8. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tip! My local Best Buy had two of these Rocketfish lap desks in stock yesterday morning. I picked one up for my dad as a birthday gift. He just got a new Dell notebook for Christmas along with an external wireless mouse, so I’m sure he’ll love the slide-out mousepad. And coffee cup holder. I’ll find out if this lap desk is really as good as it looks on paper when he unwraps his gifts tomorrow. If it is, I’ll get one for myself when Best Buy gets them back in stock.

  7. Looking at getting a laptop desk. I might look around a bit more, but this one so far looks like a top consideration.

    They are on currently on sale at Future Shop (in Canada) for $40

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