DormVault: Protect Your Gear

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dormvault_1I have a cousin going to college this fall, bringing with him a brand spankin new MacBook Pro.  Having had a dormmate who took it upon herself to use and break my laptop back in the day,  I’m having the nagging feeling I should recommend this to him.  The laptop version of the DormVault (there is a smaller cube-shaped version also available) fits up to a 17″ laptop and still has additional room for an iPod, PSP, chargers, wallet, etc.  The vault gets bolted via bracket  and carriage bolts around a furniture or headboard post.  No tools are necessary and no damage is done to the furniture.  It seems pretty simple and effective, if a little unsightly–jutting out from the furniture at least 5″ (the manufacturer recommends covering it with a blanket or coat).  The laptop Dormvault retails for $79.98.

5 thoughts on “DormVault: Protect Your Gear”

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  2. Morgan Bornstein

    Yeah Chris, I could see that working in a pinch– depending on how solid the cupboard is. It’s definitely the cheaper alternative.
    Ben, I definitely agree!

  3. not to mention most uni cupboards have been there for years and are very likely missing all the required parts to lock them 🙂

    i like the idea, but if you dont need tools to attach it to something, what’s going to stop joe thief from just taking the whole thing with him and breaking into it in his own time?

  4. Morgan Bornstein

    The idea is that the whole shebang is secured tightly around something not easily removable/movable. The bolts are locked in place on the inside of the unit. It’s definitely not foolproof, but hopefully a would-be-thief wouldn’t want the hassle of sawing through the furniture of a kid’s dorm room 😉

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