You Know You Live In A Small Town When…

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A person that I work with at my day job (Cummins Inc.) came up to me and asked me if I knew what ‘wiki’ was. I said sure, it’s an online encyclopedia. Then he said “Do you know you’re in it?” and I was like “No way…”. Come to find out, he was reading up on our town: Columbus, Indiana and found that I am mentioned as one of its famous natives! Of course, I had to immediately go look it up myself, which was followed by a good laugh. Just goes to show how small my town is, when little ole me is considered famous here! ;o) I was surprised to learn that one of the MythBusters guys has also lived here, as well as the designer of the sneakers that I have on right now (when he was alive)! I guess I should wear a disguise when I go grocery shopping at Walmart next time. You never know where the paparazzi might be hiding ;o)

2 thoughts on “You Know You Live In A Small Town When…”

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  2. Congratulations on your fame. This will be longer than Andy Warhol’s “fifteen minutes”
    Small towns have many illustrious folks. My wife is from Robinson IL. Crawford County Il.
    Home of the Heath Bar and family. Also James Jones the author.
    I know her sites get hits all the time. Mainly the genealogy one. Blatant Promo.
    You don’t realize how many technical folks there are out there that read your site already.
    I used to check out the reviews on a break and people would look over my shoulder.
    I know I read it for for years before I ever registered.
    Happy Belated Birthday. From a dejected Bears Fan.



  3. Actually, ‘wiki’ is a common name for a software system that can be used to create websites that allow easy maintenance for the user community. Wikipedia is just one application of ‘wiki’ tools. In Wikipedia’s case the tool used is MediaWiki by Wikimedia.

    I know I’m being pedantic but wiki is not Wikipedia as the World Wide Web is not the Internet 🙂

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