SCOTTeVEST/SeV Performance Polo and Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip

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I always look forward to new products from SCOTTeVEST and was happy to find 2 new garments in my mailbox the other day. Scott and Laura Jordan sent me their new Performance Polo and Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip shirts. Let’s take a closer look…

The Polo is short sleeved, while the Pullover is long sleeved. Both are available in 3 colors: Black, Smoke and Olive. I was sent an Olive Polo and a Smoke Pullover.

The Polo is designed like the classic shirts that most guys have in their wardrobe. But the SeV Performance Polo isn’t exactly like the Polo you already have. This one is made of a special light weight moisture wicking material that is very comfortable to wear even in the hottest weather.

Instead of a typical breast pocket, this shirt has a vertical zipper that gives access to a pocket that is large enough to hold a 60gb iPod. A special weight management system keeps the shirt from sagging when items are in the pocket.

The pocket has SeV’s famous PAN (Personal Area Network) conduit that allows you to feed wires from the pocket to the neck line and convenient elastic earbud loops inside the collar.

The Performance Polo has SeV branding, but not enough to detract from the overall look of the shirt. There is an embroidered logo on the back, a silkscreened TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) logo on the left sleeve, and a Black TEC tab sewn into the right hip area (You can barely make it out in the picture below).

I was sent a men’s size Small. As you can see, it’s too large for me (for reference, I’m 5’6″ and weigh 125lbs)… This is the point in my review where I complain that SCOTTeVEST needs to carry women’s sizes. I’m not going to do that in this review because I have it on good authority that Scott and Laura are working on getting some items for us in the near future. Yay! :o)

In the picture above, I have an iPod nano in the breast pocket (not the nano on the table beside me… a 1st gen nano). You can’t really tell can you?

A couple things before we go on to the Pullover… The Polo is 100% Polyester, machine washable, has a 3 button front, 1.5″ tall collar, metal tabbed zipper pull on breast pocket, split sides with the tail being about 1 inch longer than the front. Now let’s take a look at the Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip.

The Pullover is made of the same material as the Polo and also has a vertical pocket on the left side which includes the PAN conduit.

Two small Red elastic loops located on the inside collar allow you to route earbud wires from the pocket on the front.

The collar on the Pullover stands 2.5 inches tall and zips 1/4 of the way down the front of the shirt.

In addition to the zippered breast pocket, there is a hidden zippered pocket in the Left hip area.

Here’s a view of the zippered hip pocket. As you can see it’s a wide pocket (7 x 6.5 inches) that sort of bends around from the front to the back. It also has 2 PAN openings for routing wires.

I was sent a men’s size Small for this shirt too. As you can see, it looks even larger on me than the Polo does. In the picture above, I have an iPod nano in the breast pocket and an HTC Excalibur in the side pocket. You can definitely tell that I have something in the side pocket as it noticeably pulls the shirt down in that area. I think if the shirt were smaller and fit me better that it would be much less noticeable.

Both the SeV Performance Polo and Performance Pullover are very comfortable to wear. They are soft and light weight enough to wear even on really hot Summer days. Having an extra pocket (or 2) comes in very handy when you don’t want to carry a wallet or gear bag with you on a quick jaunt to the store.

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Product Information

  • Comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Pullover has 2 pockets
  • No women's sizes

15 thoughts on “SCOTTeVEST/SeV Performance Polo and Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip”

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  2. Great review, I am a fan of Scott e-Vests, since the original T-shirt (not the light-weight type). Just ordered 2 polo.

    The new shirts does not seem to be using the 3M cloth anymore. It is still light and moisture wicking, but it feels different.

    My gripe: They still don’t ship direct to Singapore. I have to use a trans-shipment service.

  3. Julie wrote:

    In the picture above, I have an iPod nano in the breast pocket. You can’t really tell can you?

    Yes, I can. I can see the nano on the table :D. I have been sitting on the fence on the SeV for a long time, but what is stopping me? One word: SIZE. I am a short man of 5’3″, 140lbs and I do not think that they have my size (sigh). May be I will wait for the women size to come out and try :o.

  4. haivu:

    I had my 1st gen nano in the pocket 🙂 Too many nanos, not enough pockets! 😉

    SeV needs an XS size.

  5. I have not tried the shirts but curious about how well they hold up when a device is fit inside the pocket? I think that it is extremely important for the material to hold up so that it doesn’t sag or show when a device like an iPod or whatever with some weight is fitted inside the hidden pocket.

    Also, for those outside of the USA, it is quite a huge deterrant to have the product shipped via UPS or Fedex since they charge outrageous brokerage fees on top of the shipping plus taxes. The last Sev product I bought the shipping and fees cost me over 100% of the purchase price of the product. I love the product but I avoid buying from any vendor when I know that the shipper/courier will gouge me for shipping.

  6. I can assure you that the products and pockets hold up. I am sorry about the shipping to overseas.


  7. Julie:

    Nice reviews…the polo looks intriguing, but here’s a question: I’ve got the thicker third-generation iPod (not nano or mini)…any thoughts on whether that “older” technology would fit in the left-sleeve pocket and/or cause it to sag, or does the pocket seem designed more for the “thinner” new iPods?

    I keep telling myself I need to upgrade, but I don’t use it for video and have a heckuva time convincing myself to spend the money when the current iPod continues to do its job! 🙂



  8. scribe54:

    I’m sure it would fit. But the weight of the heavier iPod might make it pull the fabric. I’ll have to try it tonight to make sure.

  9. Julie:

    Thanks for the offer to do a post-review review with the third generation iPod…your reader focus knows no bounds! 🙂

    I look forward to the results!


  10. scribe54:

    Ok, I just tested the Polo with my 5th gen 60gb iPod video. It does fit in the breast pocket. But, the bulge can definitely be seen (especially since I’m a girl and have a little something there to start with). 😉 The weight from the full sized iPod does tug the fabric. So, I would say that the pocket is best used for smaller lighter items.

    Hope this helps!

  11. I have a 60 gig iPod video and noticed the same thing that Julie noticed. Also, I had a tough time getting it to fit (it’s in an iSkin case.) I also agree that the pocket is great for a Nano.

  12. I think that if SeV would consider shipping the products via USPS or regular mail that there would be a lot more customers from Canada (myself included) who wouldn’t hesitate to buy simply for the sole reason that UPS and Fedex charge way too much for customs and brokerage fee on top of what they already charge for shipping.

    At least if shipped via regular mail that the handling charge is much less. Or, if there is a Canadian merchant, that could help things a lot too. Just thought that I’d pass that along. The products are great but when the total cost is over 100% of the purchase price, I can’t justify it, especially when the middleman is getting a big chunk of the money.

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