Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-05-12

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Friday Quickie

It’s a very miserable Friday night here. It’s not even 50
degrees, and it’s raining. Didn’t anyone tell Mother Nature that
it’s May, and not March?! I don’t think she’ll be getting a
Mother’s Day card from me this year ;o)

I received an email announcing a cool new site that a lot of you
might want to check out. Bits du
is the name. It is a “One Deal a Day” site for Windows and
PDA software. Next week (May 15 – 20), they will be having Mobile
Software Week – featuring only software for Pocket PCs, Smartphones
and Palm Handhelds each day. They will have some of the most
popular PDA programs – all discounted – one each day. Discounts
range between 25% to 60%. Go check them out.

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