Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-03-25

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As you may have guessed, we are back form our vacation and we had a
wonderful time. Unfortunately, I have come home to chaos:
After a couple days home with normal service, my Verizon DSL decided to
completely choke. I have email access, but I can't open web pages to save my
life…as a matter of fact, I had to email this diary entry to Julie so that
she could post it for me. Evidently, this is a known problem here in San
Angelo, and Verizon is “working on a solution.” Do you have
any idea how frustrated I am right now? I knew that I was an internet
junkie, but only now am I realizing the depths of my dependency. There is
something sad about a grown woman looking forlornly at a computer screen,
hoping that a web page will load – only to be rewarded with a 'site not
found message' which might as well be a white screen of death. :0(

For those who have been asking about the TH55 review: would you believe that
I am still waiting to receive my repaired unit back from SONY? At this
rate there may be new Palm models released before I get the review up! I am
only half joking…

I ordered two new digital cameras this week, a Fuji FinePix F700 and an
Olympus C-750. I had bought the Fuji believing the description blurb which
stated the camera was a 6.2 mega pixel. But Bill Ray Jr, one of our guest
reviewers here at The Gadgeteer, was kind enough to tell me that Fuji has a
different way of determining their mega pixels. The camera is in fact only a
3.1 mega pixel. Well, in a righteous fury I ordered the Olympus C-750 which
is the update for the camera I already had, the C-700, only much
nicer. The Fuji showed up today and since the box didn't have a sticker
across the tab, I peeked. What a mistake – the Fuji looks like a great
camera – even if “only” a 3 mega pixel. Steve took one look at it and fell
in looooove, so he'll get to keep that one to replace his CyberShot and I
will keep the new Olympus once it arrives.

It looks like eBay will be getting some business from me for the three
digital cameras I will now be selling. Speaking of which, I have also
decided to sell my CLIE NR70V and NZ90. Of course, I will have to wait until
Verizon lets me load web pages before I can do it. Ever the optimist, I am
assuming that this problem won't last many more days. If you are in
the market for any of the above, please check out my auctions under seller
name judiehughes. Be aware that I may have to wait 'til this weekend to get them listed. :0)

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