Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-11-11

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For some reason, the gadget gods are not looking favorably upon me… When last we left me, I had received an email (last Thursday) from Dell saying that my NX70V order was delayed until 11/22. Not wanting to wait that long, I canceled the order and reordered with OnlineMicro. They said they would ship it overnight and I would get it that next day. Later that same day, OnlineMicro called to say that they made a mistake. The order would not go out till Friday, but that I would have the CLIE on Monday. Monday comes, I'm reading on CLIESource that people who had received the 11/22 email from Dell, were in fact getting their units shipped to them! I email Judie (who did not cancel her Dell order…) and tell her to check the status. Sure enough, it showed that her order shipped. So I'm happy that we will BOTH get our NX70Vs on the same day. Of course, being the impatient sort that I am, I call OnlineMicro just to verify that the order had shipped on friday and that I would get it today. And, of course, they tell me NO, that it didn't ship. Their shipment from Sony had been delayed, but they would get some in today. So, I email Judie to rant about this dilemma and sure enough, she tells me that her NX had just arrived. >:o[

Why me? Do I need to make some kind of sacrifice to the technogods to appease them?

Oh, to the guy that emailed me in response to my last story: I know you are, but what am I?

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