Day: May 31, 2002

Julie’s Gear Diary – 2002-05-31

Has anyone out there tried to make their own PVR (Personal Video Recorder) like the ReplayTV or TIVO? I have a ReplayTV, but could actually use a 2nd one. I’m toying with the idea of building a PC driven unit. But it has to be super super quiet and small… Any Thoughts? Advice?

Innopocket Metal Deluxe Sony CLIÉ T Series Case Review

Product Requirements:Device:Sony CLIÉ T Series PDAs Metal cases have long been coveted by PDA owners that happen to work in harsh environments or are afraid that their ‘brain’ might be banged around or’s Metal Deluxe case line has been available for the Palm m500 and m100 series for some time now. These 100% Anodized …

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Palm m500 Series Hard Case Review

Product Requirements:Device:Palm m500, 505, 515 The Palm Hard Case is a Palm branded case for the m500 series PDAs. This is a sleek molded case that looks quite classy for both casual and business settings. Upon first seeing this case, I muttered an “oh” and an “ah” under my breath as it is a very …

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