Innopocket Metal Deluxe Sony CLIÉ T Series Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIÉ T Series PDAs

Metal cases have long been coveted by PDA owners that happen to work in harsh
environments or are afraid that their ‘brain’ might be banged around or crushed.’s Metal Deluxe case line
has been available for the Palm m500 and m100 series for some time now. These
100% Anodized Aircraft Aluminum cases are great low cost alternatives to
Rhinoskin’s line of titanium and aluminum
slider cases. Now, Innopocket has a new case to add to their popular line: The
Sony CLIÉ T series Metal Deluxe Case.

This case is just too cool! Available only in silver, it looks great with my
blue T615C. With a brushed finish, you will not have a problem with finger
prints or smudges. The case is smooth and very comfortable to hold. As a matter
of fact, it just begs to be held. I love the way it feels in my hand.

Both the left and right sides of this case are lined with a thin layer of
neoprene which helps project the PDA from scratches and does help provide some
shock protection in the event of a drop to a hard surface.

The CLIÉ fits this case like the proverbial glove. The case is totally molded
for it, so it is a perfect fit right down to the swoop at the bottom front of
the PDA.

The PDA fits into the left side of the case easily. It is held in place by three
metal pegs which match with the two screen cover attachment points and the
cradle tab.

To insert the PDA into the case, you just press it into the left side till you
feel it snap into place. Once inserted it feels pretty secure. Although if you
turn the case upside down, the bottom half of the PDA will hang down as it is
really only attached by the top two pegs.

The cover closes with a very satisfying click by a press fit latch that holds
the cover securely closed. Thankfully, opening the case is easy. I’ve had
problems with Rhino cases in the past, so I welcome the ease of this case. The
cover opens left to right, which may not make this case as comfortable for right
handed people as it is for left handed people. I’m a lefty and find the case to
work very well for me.

Size-wise, this case is probably about as small as it can be.

Size: 4.74 x 3.1 x .71 in (120.5 x 78.5 x 18 mm)
Weight: 2.4 oz (68 g)

The aluminum that makes up this case is thick enough to resist flexing and
twisting. I had no fear about putting it in my back jeans pocket and sitting on

While the CLIÉ is in this case, you have access to almost every feature. The
entire face of the PDA is open so you don’t have to worry about the screen or
application buttons being obstructed. The left side has cutouts for the lanyard
eyelet, jog dial and back button. The top has cutouts for the Memory Stick, IR
port and stylus silo. There is also access to the hotsync port but you will
either need to remove the CLIÉ to sync and charge, or you will need a sync
cable. The only thing you don’t have access to while the PDA is in this case is
the reset switch on the back of the PDA…. oops!

The Metal Deluxe case has top quality workmanship and materials. This case looks
great, feels great and protects great. It even has a great price! If you have a
T series CLIÉ, and want a metal case, you will WANT this one… trust me.


Price: $29.90

Great form factor
Good protection with a classy look

Reset switch not accessible
Must remove CLIÉ to sync/charge with cradle


Product Information

  • Great form factor
  • Good protection with a classy look
  • Reset switch not accessible
  • Must remove CLIÉ to sync/charge with cradle

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