Palm m500 Series Slim Leather Carrying Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm m500 series PDA

It is very seldom that a case coming directly from a PDA manufacturer really
strikes my fancy. I can still remember the horrible

Executive Leather Case
that I had ordered with high hopes for my Jornada 548. I mean,
that thing was f-u-g-l-y…and it used Velcro like there was no tomorrow.

The  Palm m500 Series Slim Leather Carrying Case is neither ugly, nor
does it use Velcro. Palm has created an amazing example of how to make a case
perfectly mesh with the design of a particular PDA.


This case is fashioned in black Napa leather, with black stitching. A small,
extremely discreet, Palm logo is on the bottom left of the front of the case.

A tab and loop closure system keeps the cover of this book-style case firmly
closed. As with other book-style cases, this one is open on three sides.

Once the case is opened, you’ll see that the left side is comprised of a very
clever pocket system that can hold up to four SD or MMC cards, as well as two ID
or credit cards. There is a long slash pocket behind this area that is perfect
for holding a small stack of business cards.

The front of the case is definitely adequate to protect against normal screen
dings, but this case is by no means reinforced against crushing, nor is it
insulated against drops. Unless you are accident prone, or work in an
environment that is "PDA hostile", this case should be all the protection you
might need. It should certainly be just fine for the average office.

We all knew that Palm was on to something when they created their side rail
system with the Palm V series, and this case puts the next generation’s narrower
rail system to good use. A leather flap securely holds the plastic insert that fits in
the narrow left side silo.

If you flip the Palm over, you’ll see that the back wall is completely devoid
of any further function. I think it would have been great if Palm had decided to
add another long slash pocket here, but as the case stands, it is still a winner
in both form and function.

It is completely possible and quite simple to sync and
charge your m500 series while installed in this case…

I feel that the Palm m500 Series Slim Leather Carrying Case is easily
one of the most understated yet elegant cases I have seen to date for any
PDA. I feel that the rail system of securing the PDA is definitely something that Palm got "right",
and I really approve of the way different manufacturers have been able to
utilize the rail system instead of Velcro.

If you are looking for a slim, elegant, functional, and professional looking
case – you can not go wrong with this one.

The Palm m500 Series Slim Leather Carrying Case is available at
Stylus Central and other fine

Price: $24.95
Available in black


Perfect fit
Slim form factor
Holds four SD/MMC cards as well as cards and ID




Product Information

  • Perfect fit
  • Slim form factor
  • Holds four SD/MMC cards as well as cards and ID
  • None

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