This simple ballpoint pen from Levenger adds a stylus tip, to make it even more functional.  The Chroma Lustra Stylus Ballpoint Pen is available in a few colors, but the blue and green colors seen here are currently on sale for only $19.95.  The pen has a solid brass body, and it measures 5-7/16" X [...]

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If you use these Star Wars Light-Up Lightsaber Pens from ThinkGeek, you'll be able to cut through the hardest school or work assignment.  The blades light up in your choice of blue, red, or green.  (Batteries are not replaceable, so use the (light) Force wisely, young Jedi.)  Purists should know that the hilt is generic [...]

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Rotrin Quattro

Next in the list of my go-to gear are writing implements.  I think I mentioned in a previous review, that I believe writing by hand has become a lost art form. That does not mean it will go away, but now days we are just as likely to see stylus-to-tablet as we are to see [...]

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Multi-functional pens - how many are out on the market today? How many of us have them? The common themes among multi-functional pens is the ability to be used with today's smart phones. They'll have a pen on one end and a stylus on the other or on a cap. So how do you catch [...]

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The Kickstarter project for Nock Co. pen and notebook cases has 10 days left to go and is already 1000% over their initial goal of $5000. Who knew that handmade (in Georgia, USA) pen cases could be so popular? Nock Co. which is comprised of Brad Dowdy (aka the Pen Addict) and Jeffrey Bruckwicki are offering [...]

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The Pen Project


This is a Kickstarter project.  The Pen Project is Ian Schon's interpretation of the everyday writing pen.  He has machined these pen bodies and caps from 6061 aluminum, with an outer diameter of 0.5 and closed length of 4" and open length of  5-3/4".  The pens have a brass set screw and use a Fisher [...]

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Quiver Pen Holders allow you to carry your favorite pens / pencils with the popular Moleskine notebooks / journals. They are one of my favorite geek accessories (see my review linked below in the related posts section). I'm happy to report that Quiver is offering several additions to their line of products that include new [...]

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Back in the day, all touchscreen devices came with a tiny little stylus that was hard to hold and easy to lose.  Eventually capacitive touchscreens that respond to the touch of your fingers evolved, and most people rejoiced.  Not everybody, though, because some people like using a stylus because they don’t want to smear their [...]

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Did you know that about 100 million disposable pens end up in the landfill each year?  You can start your Earth Day celebration early this year by reducing the amount of waste you produce with the Seven Year Pens from Seltzer Goods.  Inside this pen is an over-sized cartridge that holds up to six times [...]

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Porsche Design has announced a new line of fine writing implements, the P'3125 Slim Line (From $260). They are known for their fine (and relatively expensive) writing tools. The P'3125 Slim Line is crafted out of polished palladium brass with a precision milled finish on the barrel and cap.

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I love gadgets and gizmos with LEDs, buttons and batteries, but I also love analog gear just as much. Things like Moleskine and Rhodia notebooks, pens and colored pencils are usually scattered around my desk and in my gear bag. I've recently started keeping a journal again and during one of my epic web surfing [...]

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If the pen is mightier than the sword, the lightsaber pen must be mightier than ... everything!  ThinkGeek has three Star Wars Lightsaber Pens to help you hone your skills.  The pens arrive in a collector's tin, and you can choose from red, green, or blue.  They are only $19.99 each - a small price [...]

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Wee-Meng Lee sent in a nifty tip for those of you that own a Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen and would like a relatively easy way to refill the ink instead of throwing away the pen. Wee-Meng has created a video that demonstrates his method. If you have other gadget tips like this one, please send them [...]

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If you'd like a beautiful USB flash drive, but the sparkly Samsung lock necklace isn't for you, check out the Monteverde Invincia USB pens.  The Invincia USB is available in two designs, the chrome cap with carbon fiber body as shown in the picture, and with a black cap and a black-and-white tile patterned body.  [...]

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Hello office supply geeks, I have a pen for you. It's the Bookmarker from Everyday Innovations. This product combines a ballpoint pen, a bookmarker for your favorite book and a small stack of sticky flags. The Bookmarker pen is thin enough to be used as an actual book marker. It even has an elastic strap [...]

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I discovered Fisher Space bullet pens recently.  They have a thicker body than disposable stick pens, and they put down the ink like a dream.  Writing feels almost effortless with my little black Fisher Space pen.  They are very compact, so you can carry them anywhere.  Since one can never have too many pens, I’ve been checking [...]


I know you want this roller ball pen from ACME Studios, Inc. and designer Ben Hall. I mean who wouldn't want a cool retro pen like this one. It looks like something the Flash would use. Too bad that it costs $130. Ouch! I think I'll just keep using a good old Bic.