Get the best of both worlds with Moleskine's new Two-Go notebooks. Featuring two page spreads that have lined pages on one side and blank pages on the opposite side, this type of dual layout allows you to take notes on the lined pages and draw sketches on the blank side. The Two-Go notebooks are 4.5 [...]

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Galen Leather is a company located in Istanbul Turkey (Est. 2012) that makes handcrafted leather iPad covers, laptop sleeves, wallets, bags, notebook covers and more. They sent me one of their large Moleskine notebook covers to review and it was love at first sight. Let me show you why. The Galen Leather large Moleskine notebook [...]

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If you enjoy keeping a diary, bullet journal, travel journal, sketch book, etc., you know that in addition to choosing the right pen for the task, that you also put a lot of thought into choosing the right notebook. When it comes to notebooks, they come in a variety of page types, colors and sizes. But [...]

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When it comes to journaling, I still prefer using a real paper notebook with a pen. But if digital journaling is your favorite method and you also own an iPad, you should know that Moleskine's Journal app for iOS can now work with the Pencil from FiftyThree. The Pencil is a Bluetooth stylus that has a [...]

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Refillable notebooks have been around for decades, but reusable notebooks are completely new. Imagine buying one notebook that you can use over and over again. Let me introduce you to the Wipebook. It's like having a book made of whiteboard pages. A notebook like this obviously isn't something you would want to use for a [...]

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For those of you like myself, who enjoy using a paper journal / notebook, do you love the notebook that you're currently using? Joe and Ryan of First Draft Co. set out to create a notebook that they would love to use. They sent me one of their US made notebooks to see if I would love [...]

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We review a lot of leather products on The Gadgeteer, but out of all the companies that we deal with, the leather products from Colonel Littleton are my favorite. Their leather is the softest I've ever felt and their designs and craftsmanship harken back to a time when quality really meant something. Did I really [...]

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If you prefer manual act of writing with a pen on paper, to writing with a stylus on a glass screen, the collaboration of Livescribe and Moleskine will be of interest to you as it combines analog with digital. According to Gilles Bouchard, CEO, Livescribe: With the Livescribe 3 Moleskine Edition, we are continuing that [...]

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If your idea of a perfect notebook is a combination of a day planner and a journal, you will want to take a look at the BASICS Notebook Kickstarter campaign. The campaign ends on 08/29/2015, but has already greatly surpassed their original funding goal of $10,000. They sent me a prototype of their BASICS Notebook [...]

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I have an addiction to notebooks that surpasses my ability to fill them. There is something irresistible about a brand new notebook, especially ones that I've never tried before. When the folks at Code&Quill asked if I would like to take a look at their Traveler and Origin notebooks, a little voice in my ear [...]

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Famous notebook maker, Moleskine, has come out with new smartphone and tablet accessories. You can turn your iPhone or Android phone into a Moleskine notebook with a booktype case that includes a paper notebook, or just have a hard case shell to protect your device.  They also include universal tablet cases, ranging in many colors [...]

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Remember the Pilot FriXion pens with their erasable ink? Now Pilot is offering FriXion stamps that can be used to decorate your journal, paper calendar, etc. Just like the FriXion pens, these stamps use the same type of thermo-sensitive ink that will disappear with friction. The Pilot FriXion stamps are available in several ink colors [...]

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batman-moleskine Moleskine's new Batman notebooks have been created in collaboration with Warner Bros. on behalf of DC Entertainment. The collection will have four different themed hardcover designs with metallic details. A fifth notebook, featuring artwork from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel on its cover and flyleaves, will have a limited run of 5,000. The [...]

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Earlier this month, Moleskine sent an invite over to the gadgeteer crew to check out a showroom event for their Moleskine 2015 collection, located at the NYU store in New York City.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event and check out their new line of bags, notebooks, and other accessories. They were [...]

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These new new journals from Moleskine have 96 - 128 pages and five to seven chapters depending on the notebook's size. Chapters notebooks are available in a slim pocket size that is 3 x 5.5 inches, slim medium which is 3.75 x 7 inches and the largest size which is 4.5 x 8.25 inches. They [...]

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