Revolution Golf Tee

From a golfing stand point, last year was a total bust for me. Due to some medical issues, I wasn't able to play many rounds. This year I am determined to not only play more, but improve my game. There are a lot of gimmicks and gadgets out there to help improve your game, but [...]

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I am a golfer, at one time I could be called an avid golfer playing two, three or even four times a week. Although golf is a great way to free your mind, with all the tranquility I often find my mind wandering on the course. This leads me to forget how many shots I [...]

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Garmin Approach S6

Summer has arrived and to me that means time to play golf. As a golfer I am always looking for ways to improve my game, so the Garmin Approach S6 GPS golf watch is a product that interests me. Garmin is known for its GPS systems and has a significant presence in the golf course [...]

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As a golfer I am always looking for useful tools and ways to improve my game. When looking for training aids, ideally they should offer some form of instant feedback, a way to tell if you are doing it right or wrong. The Pill from The Pill Golf is one tool that meets that criteria. [...]

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Golf-X-Cube review


Walking around in an open field, scouring the bushes and woods with a club in your hand and then beating the stuffing out of a little white ball when you find it, that is the definition of golf. Oh wait maybe that is the definition of how I play golf. But whether you're a scratch [...]

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MxVGolf MxV1

Bobby Locke once said about golf "you drive for show but putt for dough", an adage that still rings true today. To that end the folks at MxVGolf have introduced their new MxV1 putter. I know there are a lot of putters on the market today, each with its own unique qualities, but the MxV1 [...]

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I've noticed there's been a surge in the number of people reading the 2011 post about the Masters Tournament app for iPad, and that reminded me to check to see if there's an update for this year's tournament.  The Official Masters Tournament app is free, and it again gives you access to CBS's live simulcast [...]

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My interest in golf was a short lived stint in grade school. I think it was 3rd grade and one of the boys in my class (Ricky Bowling) who lived next to a golf course would collect golf balls and bring them to school to sell. You have to admire his early entrepreneurial skills! I [...]

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